5 Seriously Awesome Winter Snow Activities

Seriously Awesome Winter Snow ActivitiesImage source

When you’re planning out your travel, you can often have a range of different ideas in mind. You may want to see some sights, eat some great food, switch off and relax, or even have a ton of fun. If your main goal is the latter, you should definitely think about heading on a winter break. The snow can create the best backdrop for travel. If you want a different kind of break away, the snow can give you that. With so many incredible activities to consider, you can pack your agenda with all kinds of action and have a memorable time in the process.


First of all is the bread and butter of winter breaks: skiing. You can find ski resorts all across the world, most of which are just as remarkable as each other. In Europe, you’re definitely going to want to head to the alps for your skiing. But whether you choose Switzerland, France, Austria or any other country will be up to you. If you really wanted to the best, consider St. Moritz in Switzerland for a standout experience. Read about the time I learnt to ski in the Swiss Alps.


If you want to kick that experience up a notch, you should definitely consider snowboarding. And when you want the best snowboarding experience in the world, there are a few key places that come out on top. First of all, think about heading to wither Whistler or Backcomb in Canada. Both resorts are known for their killer snowboarding spots. But there’s also Verbier in Switzerland or St. Anton in Austria is you want to try out Europe. Either way, you need to get a board that you’re comfortable with, be sure to have some lessons and then let yourself loose on the slopes.


Amping up that action even more and we have snowmobiling. By jumping on a snowmobile, you can have a ton of fun and see a lot of sights – making it a great activity for adrenaline junkie and those interested in the landscapes. And if you’re wondering where to go snowmobiling, there’s a lot of choices here too. Finland is a fine spot for snowmobiling for both action and the sights, but you could also consider Sweden or Norway for similar experiences.


Similar but slightly different is the idea of going sledding. But not just any kind of sledding, dog sledding specifically. It’s definitely one of those winter experience not to be missed. Again, there is a range of destinations to consider for dog sledding experiences around the world. Greenland could be a great choice, but Maine or Minnesota in the US are great locations for it too.

Ice Skating

And finally, when you’re on the snow sports hype, you may as well get in on some of the ice skating action. Although you can do this through most winter seasons, or on dry-ice rinks, there’s nothing like ice skating in a proper snow resort. Some of the best rinks around the world can be found in Austria, France, and Colorado, so if you’re already heading out for other activities, be sure to add skating to your list too.

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