15 signs you’re addicted to travel

Another brilliant day as a traveller - sunset at Koh Tao, Thailand

As a cure for a boring life, travel is like the ultimate drug – effective, inexpensive, euphoric, addictive.

If you’re anything like me, then travel is a drug that you just can’t get enough of. No matter how many meetings you go to (with your travel agent) or how far you progress in a ten-step program (for planning your next trip), you’re so far off the wagon that everyday life just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You know you’re addicted to travel when…

  • You’re as comfortable at 36,000 feet as you are on the ground.
  • You can pack everything you’ll need for a month in less than five minutes.
  • You know whether you’re luggage is over/under airline weight restrictions just by lifting it up off the ground.
  • Planning your honeymoon is more important than planning the wedding (see Planning a US Pacific Coast roadtrip).
  • In fact, you’ll already be planning your next adventure while you’re travelling.
  • You get anxious when you’re in one place for too long.
  • You think Phileas Fogg was an idiot. Why travel around the world in 80 days when you can take your time?
  • Rather than collecting stamps, you’ve got a complete collection of the best luggage sets.
  • You carry your passport with you at all times.
  • You say “I’ve been there” whenever an exotic destination is featured in a movie or on TV.
  • You have loads of foreign currency, which you hold on to until next time you’re in that country.
  • You’re not quite sure where “home” is any more – but you live out of your suitcase even when you’re there.
  • The thought of “settling down” in one place for the rest of your days makes you break out in a cold sweat.
  • You name your first born child Qantas.
  • You’ve read all these symptoms and related to every one of them.

You might as well face it you're addicted to travel

You might as well face it, you’re addicted to travel!

While I’ve got your attention, I suggest you check out the reasons why I backpack (and you should too) as well as my top travel regrets. You won’t regret it.

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  1. Hey Simon,

    Loved the list! All so true 🙂
    Would you mind if I translated it in French so I can share it with the readers from our blog (with a link to your blog of course!). I know they would all relate to every single point listed.
    Let me know!

  2. I’m with you on all of these points – except the first-born child one. I know that you can travel with kids, but I prefer not to 😉

    The “I’ve been there” thing really annoys most people I know. I have to try and control it these days unless I’m with other travellers.

  3. I definitely find domestic beer boring – it’s like I’m turning into some sort of alcoholic beverage snob – looking down on people with their pints of Carling! Shame on you. Shame on me! Currently, if it’s not at least 7% and served in a peculiar glass, I’m not interested! (Ok, I am really. I’ll actually drink anything).

  4. hahaha totally agree…you should also add in that you’ve acquired a ton of anklets/bracelets, flip flops are your main footwear and a swim in the sea is a perfectly acceptable shower 😛

  5. Totally agree with all these points! I’ve been in China for almost 2 years now, love it but ready to move on and next adventure to New Zealand is being planned in earnest even though 6 months away!
    And naming kids after airlines? My most used airline over the past 2 years would be China Southern… :/

  6. Oh I love this list. We are quite unbearable. Every ad on the TV and we all shout out BEEN THERE!! Board games are the worst! Our last game of monopoly had us bringing out photos of street signs!!! We are struggling at home and now planning our permanent escape in 2015!!!

  7. I thought I could walk and travel at the same time but I sort of can’t. Wearing a suit and working for a company makes me want to shoot myself. What did I let happen to myself.

    • I’m in the same situation as you right now. That’s kinda what inspired me to write this post! I wish I was still travelling full-time like I was only a few months ago…

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