Moving to Auckland and the future of Man vs World

Sirens, horns and the sound of a million cars rises 14 floors to where I’m sitting now, admiring the view of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. I can see boats skimming along the ocean, their crisp white sails contrasting the beautiful blue of the Hauraki Gulf.

At night the view might be even better, as all I survey becomes a sea of lights – the Auckland Sky Tower standing just off the periphery.

This is my new home.

The view of Auckland's Hauraki Gulf from my apartmentAfter nearly five years on the road, living first in London and then backpacking through Southeast Asia for the past nine months, I’m finally back where I started: New Zealand.

Earlier this year I went back to NZ for the first time in four years – but this time it’s more than a fleeting visit. As of yesterday I’m the proud tenant in an inner-city apartment with a view so impressive that I never want to leave this cosy little shoe-box that I now call home.

But leave I’ll have to – I’ve got a job to think about, bills to pay and a new city to explore. That’s right, Man vs World is rejoining the rat-race that non-travellers like to call “real life”.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be hanging up my travel-blogging hat just yet (it’s a sombrero, in case you were wondering).

The Auckland Hrabour Brige and waterfront from my apartmentThe amazing travel blog that you’re reading right now may have started at the end of January but I’ve been travelling for much, much longer than that. I’ve still got hundreds of future travel features, stories, reviews and advice stored up that I’m simply dying to tell you about.

Besides, it’s high time I explored my own country – don’t you think? I hear it’s supposed to be pretty good.

I was born in Whangarei, the city of 100 beaches, and I studied and worked in Christchurch, but much of the country remains a mystery to me – including this sprawling new city that I find myself writing my latest blog post in. Auckland, like London, boasts thousands of fun things to do and see – all of which will make for interesting reading in the future.

Meanwhile, do you remember how I got engaged in Bali earlier this year? (You should, I’m always banging on about it!) Well, my fiancé will be calling me up on that offer next year, with an exciting honeymoon to follow – a US Pacific Coast road-trip.

The Auckland Sky Tower at nightMan vs World has simply made too much progress to stop now. As this travel-themed behemoth continues to grow, each month getting better and better results, it surpassed 13,000 total hits this month and it had its single best day ever (more than 300 people read my recent 30 nicest people to follow on Twitter post on its first day).

In fact, it’s highly likely that my travel blog is one of the reasons I got my new job; as of Monday I will be the new content editor at a brilliant online guide to Auckland’s many wonderful restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways.

These are very exciting times indeed.

Me and a New Zealand rugby ball on the beachI hope you will continue to join me for a mix of old and new travel adventures, stories, reviews and advice. The world is my oyster and I’d like you all to come along for the ride!

Also check out my sailing trip to Auckland’s Waiheke Island.

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  1. Exciting times for you then! I for one am looking forward to the NZ posts, as I’m heading over there for Christmas/New Year with family and again in September next year for a Working Holiday – will need all the tips I can get!

  2. Exciting times indeed! I’ll be looking forward to your New Zealand tips, as will be visiting next year. Best of luck with the new job.

  3. I’m kind of sad you finished your SE Asia trip just as I’m starting mine 🙁 Enjoy the US! Let me know if I can give you any pointers for California or Vegas. I’m very well connected in both places and a SoCal native 🙂

  4. Congrats on the new job Simon! (and thanks for providing me with a little extra inspiration for my job search) I hope you two enjoy life in Auckland. Look forward to hearing your take on NZ and other travel adventures. 🙂

    And jealous of your US road trip honeymoon idea! Let me know when you start planning–if I can offer any tips I’m happy to do so.

    • Thanks Rachel – and good luck with your job hunt! Let’s definitely keep in touch because I’m going to need all the tips I can get when it comes to planning a roadtrip of the States, taking in everything of interest that I possibly can!

    • That’d be sweet! I think I may head down there in the summer – I’ll let you know and we can meet up for a drink.

  5. Simon you guys are so close I’ll have to come up for a visit. So excited about your new job and don’t listen to the haters Aucklands an amazing city. Miss you xox

    • Thanks Meg! You’re welcome to crash on our couch – there isn’t much room but the view and location is great! See you soon

  6. Let us know when you start your U.S roadtrip next year… I’ve heard its good luck to couchsurf on your honeymoon and you are welcome to hang with Josh and I for a few days!

    Let us know how that whole jobs/bills thing works for you 🙂

    • Haha, that’s very kind! I’ll let you know – and maybe ask you for a bit of advice down the line about what the must-see attractions and places are!

  7. I’m up for the weekend – pretty busy but I’ve got tomorrow afternoon free if you want to catch up let me know! I’ve tweeted you too so send me a reply or fb or something when you get these! Looking forward to some good travel stories!!!

  8. Congrats Si!!! So so happy for you guys!! Must catch up soon. We just landed back in the uk after our adventure to Oktoberfest and Prague! Awesome times. Miss you guys!! xx

  9. Glad to see that we’ll see more of you! hahaha! Looking forward to seeing a lot more posts on NZ, who knows – it might be on my next 25 country challenge!

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