The 30 nicest travellers to follow on Twitter

It seems like every travel blogger and his dog has a list of the so-called “best travellers to follow on Twitter”, cataloguing the most popular, the most prolific and the most influential travel tweeters – but no-one has a list of the nicest, friendliest and chattiest travellers on Twitter.

Until now, that is.

Twitter bird

Frankly, I have no idea what makes someone “the best” on Twitter – but I do know that the popular social media platform is more about community than it is about the individual.

And the travel community is among the warmest, friendliest and most caring on Twitter. Since starting out on Twitter in January 2012 I’ve gone from zero to more than 1,500 followers, of which I consider every single one a friend.

That’s right, whoever said Twitter followers and Facebook friends aren’t your real friends was dead wrong. They’re your best friends.

A child's drawing of friends

Nice guys (or girls) don’t finish last at Man vs World, they finish first.

I don’t care whether you have 100 followers or 10,000 so long as you follow me, converse with me, share with me, have my back in a fight and lend me money whenever I’m a bit short.

That’s why these people are the 30 nicest travel tweeters on Twitter. They may not be the most popular travel bloggers, the most influential on Twitter or even that good-looking; then again, they might be!


A job shouldn’t stop you from seeing the world…


Kiwi travel blogger exploring Europe…


Travel- and videoblogger focussing on budget travelling…


Duo from Down Under…


Canadian expat teaching in NZ…


Trying to balance a normal life with an unquenchable lust for travel…


Travel blogger, writer, photographer, author, and inspirational speaker…


Ginger fellow who loves to write…


The undertakings of a solo travel artist…


Travel, cruise, food and wine lover…


Busy chronicling my adventures…


Beer drinking, travel addicted, cricket tragic…


Amale perspective on adventure and travel..


Following my dreams and here to share my thoughts…


An English couple sharing our backpacking experiences…


Balancing a career and a relationship with travel…


World traveller, travel blogger, QPR fan…


An English girl living, working & travelling…


Tweets about movies, music, travel…


Love London, travel, playing out…


Two passports. One yellow backpack…


Expressive fortune seeker in between travels…


Loves travel and photography…


Getting out from behind our desk. Taking more risks…


Festivals, arts & nature lovers…


Married travellers blogging about their adventures…


Happiest when exploring new cultures & local cuisines…


Loving life, especially dancing, drinking and eating sausages…


Brit in Korea blogging about expat lifestyle & travel…


Explore the world of travel and pop-culture…

Friends on a tour of Spain (Valencia pictured).

And that, my friends, is an alternative round-up of the travel tweeters you must follow on Twitter. You can find me, of course, here (@themanvsworld). My apologies if I haven’t included you here – I still love you, honest I do!

Also check out Man vs World’s 10 great resources for aspiring travel bloggers, a collection of the greatest online articles, ebooks and websites for travel blogging wannabes.

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  1. What a lovely list! Thanks for putting this together, I followed them all.
    I only started my blog recently but already found the twitter travel community to be unbelievably friendly and supportive. It’s a pleasure to take part in the tweeting fun 🙂

    • They should all be legit! But thanks for pointing out that two are no longer active. The list has now been updated to include two other travel tweeting legends!

  2. Cheers buddy … although I’ll now probably be removed from loads of peoples lists because the QPR thing is out of the bag. Its fair enough I guess 😉

    • People have a right to know just what kind of person you are, Neil – a person who supports a team like QPR… Haha

      • Careful Simon, I’m QPR too!

        Thanks for the list. I’m now following every one on there so if they’re not as nice as you say they are I’ll be sending round the Rangers heavy mob to sort you out 😉

        • Haha, just as long as you guys don’t call that loose cannon Barton back and send him after me! Cheers mate – I’m a Fulham fan by the way.

    • Maybe you’ll be on the next one! Make sure you follow me, too – although I’m not nearly as nice as the people on this list!

    • Haha, I tried to keep it a surprise, too – hoping that people would come and read the story rather than letting them know about it on Twitter! Thanks!

  3. Wow! Thanks for the mention and we are so excited to have made your list! You totally made our day!!! We have only been on twitter for a few months but definitely agree that the travel community is great and very welcoming. Thanks for all the retweets of our posts and we look forward to chatting more on twitter with you.

    • It was my pleasure – thank you for being so nice! It really is a good community; to be honest, travel bloggers who aren’t nice are few and far between.

  4. Thanks so much for including me on your list, you totally made my day! The travel blogging community has to be one of the best blogging communities out there.

    You should definitely include yourself on the list though, always love your tweets! Off to make some new friends…

  5. Hey Simon,

    thanks for including me and of course we are somehow like a traveller-family 😉
    I like the idea of having this kind of alternative lists – not based on fame or numbers. Now i have to check the other Twitterhandles 🙂

  6. Aren’t you lovely! Never thought I’d appear on any kind of ‘top bloggers’ list, I’m honoured to have been chosen for yours. 🙂 Thanks for showing the best side of the travel blogging community.

  7. “Well I won’t be on there but I think I’ll see who I should be following.” … “Holy crap!”

    Didn’t expect that!

    Cheers very much for the handy list of people with brilliant wiriting to learn from, and for including myself.

  8. Kia ora, bro! Thanks heaps, this is such a compliment 🙂 I quite enjoy stalking… erm I mean following your stuff as well!

    When you’re back in the land of the long white cloud it would be cool to catch up, if possible!

    Thanks again, mate Chur!

  9. Oh wow! I am so honoured and excited to be on this list! Ha! Thanks!
    Looks like I have a few people to discover on this list…..what a great compilation!

    I would surely have your back in a fight – there is an Aussie song all about ‘standing by your mate when she/he’s in a fight’ – ha! True blue! And I would certainly hope I would have some money to lend you when you needed it the most!

    Am loving sharing, interacting, and reading your posts too! Keep it up!

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