Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer Travel

Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer TravelImage source

There is no bigger American tradition than the summer road trip. However, before you hit the road, you better make sure that your ride is up to the task. We have some tips below to get your car ready for summer travel.

1.    Get summer tires

Summer heat can break down your rubber tires long before you complete your trip. Sometimes, even the all-season tires can be compromising, leaving you with more agony than fun. For safe, cool and comfortable summer travel, invest in wider wheels, and summer tires.

2.    Take it for inspection

Take your car for inspection at least twice a year. If possible, have it checked by experts like J&E Tokyo Auto Collision Inc just before summer. This will help you identify any issue with fluid levels, belts, wipers, battery terminal connections, brakes, lighting, and hoses before they develop into bigger problems. This way, you’ll be able to repair any damage long before your trip.

3.    Check your AC

Some mechanics will advise you to have your AC checked every summer to ascertain that it’s working properly. However, if it’s still blowing cold air, it’s probably fine. If you’ve observed a problem, or you’re driving an old car, check if the heater valve of your heater control is working well. If it’s not, consider having it replaced.

4.     Keep your engine cool

All cars rely on liquid cooling to prevent their engines from overheating. Fortunately, modern coolants are durable, and you only need to perform a quick “flush and fill” routine. Again, your mechanic should tell you when you need to change your coolant.

Even without taking your car in for service, you can still check the condition of your car’s reservoirs and coolant hoses. Popping the hood of your car will save you the frustrations of having to park your car on the side of the road to figure out how to handle the steam pouring out from under the hood. If you notice an actual liquid with a green, orange-amber, or pink color, then that’s a problem you must solve before you head out. Also, check for a whitish, crusty residue at the hose connection, as this might be an indicator of incipient failure or intermittent leak as well.

5.    Catch up on maintenance

You’ve already inspected your tires, you’ve got gas in the tank, and your AC is functioning well. The last but most critical thing is to follow the service schedule in your owner’s manual to ensure that your car won’t get stuck before reaching your destination.  Good for you if you’ve been following the schedule in the past. However, if you’ve let some things slide, take care of them before heading out. If your owner’s manual is missing, check online and download a replacement.


Enjoy your summer travel by following these tips. Check the condition of your car a week or two before summer to ensure that it won’t let you down in the middle of your trip.

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