What to look for in your vacation rental accommodation

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So, you’re finally ready to get planning your next trip away.  It’s probably been a while since you last took a holiday anywhere, so you’ll want this trip to be a memorable one, right? To make sure you book the best holiday rental possible and ensure you get what you’ve paid for, there are a few rules you should follow.

Good views

No one wants to be staring out at the parking lot, check what view you have out of your window.

Are the photos of nice scenery depicted in the accommodation listing accurate? Are they showing what can be seen from your apartment, cottage, or villa?  Or are they just photos of the local area, designed to lure you in?

Even better reviews

What are the reviews saying?  Do the reviews match the claims in the accommodation’s listing?  Do the reviews look genuine and have they been posted recently?  Too many five-star reviews with no criticisms may be a little too good to be true.

What are the facilities like?

This is really important if you’re planning a self-catering holiday.  Kitchen facilities, such as an oven, fridge and dishwasher are going to be needed, and good bathroom facilities are essential. In addition, you almost certainly want a comfortable bed to sleep in.

But beyond that, think about other useful facilities such as a washing machine, coffee maker, parking space, balcony or hot tub.  If you’re planning a relaxing or indulgent holiday, you’ll want some perks.

No hidden horrors

There are a few extra checks you can do to make sure your rental is as good as it sounds.  Have a check for what’s surrounding the property.  You might not want to be near a main road or factories for example. Is the rental managed by a reputable company with good standards of maintenance and customer care?

And if you’re planning to rent out your home

If you’re planning to be away from home for a while, you might be considering renting out your own property.  But you’ll need to maximize its appeal to get a good return and help fund your own adventures.

So, what do you splash out on?  Your place will need to be modern and clean, so set a budget. Work out what new kitchen cupboards and bathroom suites cost, as well as what new mattress and carpet prices are.  Then you can make a decision about what’s cost effective to update.  Even if you’re not planning to provide top quality accommodation, you will need to hire a cleaner at the very least.

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