Man vs World’s favourite travel bloggers

Inspirational, informative and well worth a read. The following travel-related websites are worthy of your time and attention.

Adventures of a GoodMan: Greg Goodman invites you to join him on a virtual trip around the world through photography, storytelling and multimedia presentations.

Adventures with Dan: Around the world travel blog. Travelling RTW while taking on as many adventures as possible. Join Dan on his adventure!

Antipodean London: Sister site specialising in everything Kiwis and Aussies need to know about moving to and living in London.

Backpack Boss: A fresh perspective on traveling the world with a focus on backpacks.

Backpackingman: Travel stories, photography, and advice on long term travel.

Backpacking Travel Blog: Overseas Abroad Adventures

Backpacks and Bunkbeds: A QPR fan’s blog about travel and backpacking … and anything else he finds of particular interest.

Best Beer HQ: The website for discerning beer drinkers.

Evaser: A lifestyle site and blog about vagabonding, backpacking and long term around the world travel.

Fox Nomad: The best tech and tips to travel smarter around the world.

Goats on the Road: For independent and off the beaten path travellers.

Grrrl Traveler: Find your GRRR to travel survival and adventure, while on a budget!

Nomadic Samuel: A quirky digital nomad who has been on the dusty trail for six consecutive years and is loving every minute of it.

No Place to Be: A South East Asia travel blog. Follow Poi and Kirsty as they travel around Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and beyond.

How to Travel With Pets: For travelers with dogs, cats, and other pets.

iTrek Travel Blog: From choosing the perfect travel backpack to conquering nervous flying, this travel blog from iTrek offers useful travel tips and plenty of interesting articles to keep the traveller entertained.

Road Affair: travel stories to inspire you to hit the road and follow your dreams.

Smiling Faces Travel Photos: A travel photo site likely to put a smile on your face. Featuring daily travel photos and occasional travel video.

SuitQais Diaries: Because the road to anywhere is better than the road to nowhere.

Tech Guide for Travel: The geeky side of backpacking.

The Lost Backpack: Getting lost is half the fun!

The Plus-Size Backpacker: Travelers of all body sizes are welcome.

The Wrong Way Home: The ultimate guide to long-term travel.

Travel & Tourism: Your guide to the world.

Travel Blog Advice: Useful resources and tips for new travel bloggers.

TravelFREAK: Inspired stories for the curious traveler.

Travels of Adam: A hipster travel blog featuring alternative and independent travel tips around the world.

Two Bad Tourists: First-hand yet possibly unreliable advice from amateur travelers.

Wandering Earl: Earl once left the USA for a three-month trip to Southeast Asia. It’s now been over ten years and that trip has yet to finish. Join him on his never-ending adventure.

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