10 Ways to Make Friends on the Road

How to make friends on the road

It doesn’t matter if you’re on the road for work or pleasure, if you’re travelling alone it can become very lonely. Yet making friends, especially in a foreign country, can be incredibly daunting, but don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from being brave! With these ten tips, you’ll wonder why you were ever worried about making friends on the road:

1. Have a Sing-a-long

No matter if you’re on a business trip to Japan or backpacking in Europe – engaging in some singing is one of the easiest ways to make yourself friends. Whether you’re in a local karaoke bar or round a campfire with a guitar, music always brings people together.

2, Share Your Food

Just like in school when the person who brought out the chewing gum was everyone’s best friend, if you’re looking to make friends on the road simply bring some food! It doesn’t matter if you’re a home baker or the king of snacks, if you have food it’s easy to start a conversation.

3. Learn the Lingo

You don’t need to be fluent in the language, but learning key phrases and trying to engage in a country’s native tongue will win you friends. Simply download an app, like duolingo, and practice your new language skills on strangers.

4. Ask Questions

If you have a long journey on a train or bus, it can become awfully tedious if you’re by yourself and plugging yourself into an iPod isn’t going to make you any new friends! Instead, try to ask questions to your fellow passengers about the local attractions – you could even share some food to get the conversation started. (See tip 2!)

5. Play Cards

Something as simple as a deck of cards is all you need to make friends when you’re on the road. Games like poker, blackjack and rummy are universal and you’ll always find people who want to play or want to be taught. Poker nights are incredibly popular across the globe and a great way to make connections, if you are going away you can learn the rules here.

6. Smile!

Something as simple as smiling at a stranger in the park or on a train can lead to starting a conversation. Smiling makes you look approachable and friendly, so always remember to smile at people who makes eye contact.

7. Keep an Open Mind

Keeping an open mind when you’re in a foreign land is incredibly vital as you’ll be surrounded by new cultures that might seem strange at first. Join in, ask questions and show an interest in the new culture surrounding you. The locals will adore teaching you about their traditions.

8. Be Brave!

There is nothing scarier than approaching a stranger – what if they don’t want to talk to you? But what if they are sitting wanting to talk to you but are too scared to speak? Instead, make eye contact, smile and be brave. You might just have met one of your new best friends.

9. Show Your Personality

If you love a certain TV show or band, wear a t-shirt that shows that. Fellow fans are likely to come up to you and tell you that they love that show or band too. Plus, it’s a great way to strike up a conversation. Just be careful that you’re not wearing anything offensive!

10. Sign Up for Activities

Whether it’s an art class, scuba diving or just a historic walk, sign yourself up for some local activities. True there will be couples or groups of friends, but there’s likely to be other singles too and even the groups might welcome you into their party.

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