3 Creative Ideas for Getting Travel Pictures off Your Phone

Are you guilty of leaving your photos in your phone? Let yourself enjoy them! Here are three creative (and easy!) things to do with your travel pictures.

3 Creative Ideas for Getting Travel Pictures off Your Phone

They say traveling broadens your horizons and opens your mind to different ways of living in this wonderful world. It doesn’t matter how far you go, as long as you’re eager to learn all about the places you visit.

The best and easiest way to remember a place and capture its spirit is through photos. The more you take, the more you can look at when you’re feeling nostalgic, and the more jealous all your mates back home will feel when they view your amazing photography on Instagram.

But don’t just keep photos on your phone and forget about them. Choose your favorites and print them in the form of photo albums or make gallery walls.

Here are 3 creative and fun ideas to get your travel pictures off your phone and turn them into beautiful memories.

1. Print the Photos and Make a Photo Album

The good, old photo album is the perfect way to hold all your travel pictures ideas and memories. Print your favorite photos in multiple copies and give them to each person in the pictures.

In an age of taking pictures with our phones, a physical photo will mean so much to you and your loved ones. You can also make themed albums for each location you’ve visited.

2. Turn Photos Into Stickers or Fridge Magnets

If you’re looking for cool things to do with photos, why not turn them into stickers or fridge magnets? This way, you can always see them, but they won’t clutter your fridge, get crinkled, or fade.

You can give the stickers to your kids to put on their computers or notebooks. Give them to friends or family members as souvenirs, or decorate an empty space in your home.

3. Create a Gallery Wall

The best way to liven up your home and bring summer back is to make a travel photo wall. Pick your favorite photos from your trip or get the best ones from multiple holidays. Print them in different sizes, and get creative.

You can use infographics templates to arrange the photos as you like and create a vertical photo album. You can then print it and either hang it on the wall as a single piece or cut it into smaller pieces to make fun patterns.

Another option is to print one huge photo of your travels and turn it into a custom photo wallpaper. You can print one for each room to add some color and life to it or choose a black-and-white or faded look to blend it in with the decor.

Use These Creative Ideas to Get Travel Pictures Off Your Phone

Whether you’re an avid traveler or a seasonal vacation-goer, photos and videos of your trips make for priceless memories. These tips will give you some ideas on what to do with your travel pictures and find creative ways to cherish them forever.

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