5 pretty essential items to keep in your bag while travelling

5 pretty essential items to keep in your bag while travelling

There is always so much stuff you need to pack before you go on any trip, including some crucial essentials without which your whole journey will be a lot worse. Unfortunately, as us travellers know too often, sometimes it can be easy to forget these items.

To help you out to avoid that, today I am going to share a short but excellent list of 5 essentials that should be in your bag before leaving for a trip. With these, you will be confident that you are fully equipped and ready for everything.

So start packing and don’t forget these five little things…

A copy of your passport and other documents

You can’t predict what could happen when you’re travelling the world, so to be prepared for everything you need to be prepared for the worst. And probably the worst thing that can happen to every traveller is to lose your passport or other important documents. You might get stuck in a country for a long time, say, or not even be allowed through immigration.

So, before every trip, make a copy of your passport, health insurance or even a marriage license (in some Muslim countries you might need that) and pack it somewhere safe. This way, even if the worst happens, you will be able to show your identification and get back home safely.

Thermal underwear

Also, better don’t take a risk and pack at least a pair of thermal underwear with you as well. These little miracle makers will keep you warm and dry in every situation and every country you are travelling. Get one pair of bottoms and another pair for a top to make you always warm and cozy.

Ear plugs

Again, you can’t predict anything while traveling, and so you can’t predict always to be able to sleep in peace and in quiet. These little ear plugs can be real life savers, in this case because it will block every sound around you, and they will let you enjoy a good night sleep.

Also ear plugs can be perfect for a long trip – on a sleeper bus, say – when there’s nothing to do except sleep. With these, you can crash everywhere without a problem. And the best part is that these plugs won’t take any space in your bag.


As mentioned, you might be traveling for really long time, and the best way to spend that time – apart from sleeping – is either to sleep or listen to music/watch movies/play games.

Headphones will give you the privacy you need to enjoy your music without disturbing anyone around you – because we all know how rude it is to listen to your music or watch a movie on the loudest volume while other people are trying to sleep.

So be a good traveller and pack a pair of headphones with you. It will be a perfect way to spend your time without irritating people around you.

Wet wipes

Wet wipes should also be in every traveller’s bag because they’re a perfect solution when you don’t have time or access to a shower, but you are desperate to clean yourself at least a little bit. Wet wipes also don’t take too much space, and can help you stay healthy on the road. So I highly recommend that you invest in a big pack of these and always stay fresh during long trips.

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