5 things I miss most about travel

COVID-19 can go take a long walk off a short pier. Am I right? 

New Zealand’s borders are currently closed, so I wouldn’t be able to travel, even if I thought it was safe to take my young family overseas. Still, I’m sitting here in my home right now, wishing that I was anywhere else but here. This is the longest I’ve been confined to one country since before I left school (a really long time ago).

Here’s where I’d like to travel with my kids (when I’m able to travel with kids) — and here are the 5 things I miss most about travel…

Photos from my Hawaiian holiday

5. New experiences

You know what I haven’t done? I’ve never set foot on the Great Wall of China. I’ve never been to an NFL game in the States. I haven’t seen the pyramids. I’ve never even been to Dubai.

There’s still so much in this life that I haven’t done. I crave the new experiences that travel affords those of us, like me, who are afflicted with a permanent case of wanderlust. If you’re reading this right now, then I’m pretty sure we’re birds of the same feather in this regard. 

4. Creating new memories

Lately I’ve been reminiscing with Mrs Man vs World about all our awesome adventures over the years, like living in London, backpacking through Southeast Asia, and even visiting Disneyland.

We’ve got kids now, so we’re making plenty of new, great memories — but do you really think that we’ll reflect one day on that one time that we got in the car and visited the beach that is just a few minutes down the road? I very much doubt it.

Thank Thor for my kids though. Otherwise I might look back on these years one day and think of them as wasted years when I should have been out exploring the world. 

When I was young and fun and in Ibiza...

3. The people

Some of my favourite friendships are the ones I made on the road. 

There’s just something special about the shared sense of comradery you get on a long tour of a distant land, or flatting with other expats in a foreign city. I love it. I miss it. It’s just not the same without being able to travel. All the new friends I make these days are either colleagues or new parents like me.

2. Food

Who else could really go for a big plate of beignets right now? Surely not just me.

From eating proper Italian pizza in Naples, to guzzling a big bowl of pho in Vietnam, there’s actually nothing better than eating your way around the globe. I’ve already eaten my way around town over the three years since my last trip. Now I’m ready to take this show on the road. 

A giant fish (?) at the Ancient City in Bangkok

1. The variety

If what they say is true, and variety really is the spice of life, then my life is seriously not spicy enough right now. I need more spice! George likes spicy chicken! 

Seriously though, kids add plenty of variety, not to mention challenge, but the variety I crave right now is of the type you’ll find wandering the streets of Bangkok, in New York City, or heck, anywhere but my own home.

Here’s hoping this is all just a passing fad, and normal travel service will resume real soon. Stay safe out there, folks!

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