5 ways tablet computers enhance travel

From annual holidays in the sun to epic round the world adventures, travel bloggers have trouble finding enough room to pack everything into their suitcase or backpack isn’t easy. In theory, the only things they need are their passport, some money and a few essential items of clothing.

But in reality, there are lots of other luxuries most of us can’t do without. Several of these items can enhance the travel experience, especially tablet computers.

From the iPad, which started this technological revolution, to a range of other devices, tablets can serve multiple purposes while you’re away from home…

A woman uses an iPad to take a photo while travelling in Asia

You can stay in touch, on the go

Even when you’re having the time of your life on a paradise island in South East Asia or deep in the rainforests of Central America, there’s every chance your thoughts won’t be far away from family and friends back home.

Of course, tablet computers have changed this. Now you can Skype family members, share experiences with your mates on Facebook and show the whole world your photos on Instagram (and maybe make them insanely jealous, into the bargain!)

You can find flights, accommodation, activities and attractions

Go on to the travel section of tech companies’ different online stores and the selection of titles they have on them will blow you away. Beforehand, you can look for flights and accommodation on them. Then when you’re out in the thick of it on your travels, you can search for restaurant, activity and attraction recommendations online or check the latest exchange ranges.

You won’t get lost

Finding your way around a foreign country with no grasp of the local language is tricky. Asking people for help (the general rule seems to be ‘go in the opposite direction to the one they tell you’!) or relying on hotel maps isn’t exactly ideal. If you have a tablet computer with you on your travels, however, you can benefit from the in-built GPS technology and spend a lot of less of your time wandering around aimlessly like a lost soul. If you’re paranoid about taking your device with you, simply look at the route before leaving.

You won’t get bored

Whether you’ve got a flight delay, lengthy transfer or overnight bus journey, turn to your tablet for a myriad of entertainment options. You can load up your device with music and turn on, turn in and cop out while you put together your next blog post. If you’ve already done the day’s writing, you can load your tablet with some movies before you leave or stream some movies using any Wi-Fi that’s available. Alternatively, if you just want to sit and reflect or read some travel literature, eBooks are a great companion for the beach or by the pool. Just try not to get your tablet wet!

You’ll have a powerful, portable device

And so we come back to our original problem — squeezing everything into your luggage. Thankfully, most tablet computers are lightweight and compact but still pack a powerful punch. With all the features and benefits of a tablet computer, you won’t have to worry about where to put stuff or to sacrifice some items in favour of others.

So in many respects, a tablet computer is the ultimate travel accessory for anyone about to embark on a holiday or backpacking trip. Just remember to take out appropriate insurance and look at data roaming packages, which could give you cheaper Internet access while abroad.

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