7 Watersports That Will Change Your Relationship to the Ocean

Watersports That Will Change Your Relationship to the Ocean - kite surfing

If you’re looking to enter the exciting world of watersports, you’re not alone. Owing to the enhanced appeal of outdoor activities right now, the watersports market is growing faster than ever.

There has never been a better time to begin trying out new watersports and finding out the adrenaline-fueled aquatic activity that is right for you. With that in mind, here are seven watersports that you absolutely need to try.

1. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is a chill watersport that has its origins in Polynesia and is great for people who are new to watersports. Since it can be done on calm waters, many urban lakes, rivers, and canals allow for paddleboarding.

However, it is important to come equipped with a wetsuit for when you fall into the water. Make sure to read this comparison of wetsuits to find the best material for you.

2. Parasailing

If you ready to touch the sky, then parasailing is the sport for you. In a nutshell, parasailing involves being attached to a parachute that is tethered to the back of a speed boat. When the boat takes off, the wind speed will lift you high into the air, giving your views and an adrenaline rush that you will never forget.

3. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is the quintessential summer vacation sport, one that can be enjoyed across the US. If you want to get up close and personal with marine life, then invest in some quality scuba diving equipment and dive right in. This is a challenging yet soothing and immensely rewarding activity for those who commit to it.

4. Kayaking

If you’re ready for some extreme sports that will give you the workout of a lifetime, then kayaking is the thing for you. Kayaking usually involves taking control of a one-person kayak and using a single oar to navigate lakes, rapids, and rivers. It’s a diverse sport that allows you to choose the setting of your travel adventure and set the pace according to your skill level.

5. Freediving

If you want to experience the absolute freedom that the ocean offers, then book yourself onto a freediving training course. This is essentially a stripped-back form of diving, one that does not rely on scuba gear or breathing apparatus. It’s a more human way to explore the waters around you. Just remember to practice it safely.

6. Canyoning

If you’re looking to get your blood pumping with a watersport that is ideal for groups, then you should definitely consider canyoning. You don’t need a boat for this one. Just a quality wetsuit and a total lack of fear. The goal is to traverse gorges, canyons, and rock pools using nothing but your own skill, teamwork, and nerve.

7. Cliff DivingĀ 

Cliff diving is a sport that should only be considered by those who are physically fit, sensible, and very brave. As you probably guessed, it involves jumping straight off a cliff into the waters below.

There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that cliff diving offers. Just make sure to conduct intensive research to find safe, approved cliffs to jump from.

Find the Best Spots for WatersportsĀ 

Now that you know the best watersports that you need to try today, it’s time to find the right places to try them out. If you’re looking for the travel adventure of a lifetime, we’ve got you covered. Make sure to check out our Man vs World’s Sports Guides to find out the best travel destinations for any watersport that takes you fancy.

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