8 amazing things you have to do in Mexico

Mexico is a big country and in one trip it’s impossible to do and see everything. But if you visit once, chances are you’ll fall in love and keep coming back for more. Next time you do get the opportunity to go, try and tick off a couple of these amazing Mexican adventures – you seriously won’t regret it.

8 amazing things you have to do in Mexico

Take a tour of Teotihuacán

Head north from Mexico City for 50 kilometres and you’ll come to Teotihuacán, a sprawling complex of pyramids dating back to around the 1st century. The two major features here are the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon, massive structures dominating the landscape and lined by hundreds of steps that are open for tourists to ascend.

Scuba dive off Cozumel Island

If you want to snorkel or scuba dive in Mexico, then Cozumel Island is the place to do it. Home to a lush mangrove forest and several unique species of bird and mammal, Cozumel is still most famous for its spectacular coral reefs, which make up part of the second largest barrier reef system in the world. If you’re spending time here, a snorkelling or diving trip is a must.

8 Amazing things you have to do in Mexico

Go caving in the Cave of Swallows

For one of the best caving experiences the country has to offer, head to the Cave of Swallows in San Luis Potosí. Famous for its cavernous opening, the cave is not one for first-timers or the faint-hearted, with an initial drop of more than 1200 feet. For visitors who do not want to enter the cave, there’s always the option of walking to its edge come sunrise and observing vast flocks of exotic birds exiting the cave.

Fill up on street food in Oaxaca

Mexico is a country for foodies and the best place to start is in Oaxaca, a city famed for its vibrant culinary scene. For the most authentic experience, wander the streets and markets (Mercado 20 de Noviembre being the most famous), picking up tacos, salted beef skirt steak, empanadas, moles, hot chocolates and other local favourites.

Lay on the beaches of Cancun

Cancun is all about the sun, sea and sand. Here, the beaches are white and powder-soft and stand in stark contrast to the turquoise Caribbean Sea. This is brilliant if you want to mix a beach vacation with a little culture, as the ruins of the spectacular Chichen Itza and El Rey are only a stone’s throw away. the best part is, though this is known as a mecca for luxury, there are tons of budget holidays that are packaged to this gorgeous destination.

8 Amazing things you have to do in Mexico

White water raft on the Antigua River

The Antigua River runs through the populous state of Veracruz and offers a huge variety of activities, the best of which is white water rafting. Depending on your ability level, you’ll want to head for different parts of the river (the most challenging being the Puentos Pescados section), but no matter how skilled you are you’ll be astounded by the natural beauty of the region, passing by fruit groves, coffee plantations, villages and huge varieties of exotic birds.

Sunbathe and surf at Zicatela Beach

Head for Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca and you’ll end up at Zicatela Beach, a three kilometre stretch of gorgeous sandy beach that also happens to be one of the top surfing spots in the world. Though the strong currents make the water unsuitable for swimming, the strip is a great place for surfing, sunbathing, bar-hopping and socialising with other travellers.

8 amazing things you have to do in Mexico

Kayak around Espíritu Santo

Espíritu Santo is a deserted island off the coast of La Paz that is home to a rich marine life, rare species of mammals and countless stunning inlets and bays that make it the perfect setting for snorkeling, swimming and kayaking. A little slice of paradise.

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