8 Reasons a Cruise Could Be Just What You’re Looking For

8 Reasons a Cruise Could Be Just What You're Looking For

With so much choice available to us these days, in regards to holidays and spending time away from home, it can be increasingly difficult to actually choose the best trip away. Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure and exploration or just a good old fashioned week in the sun we can feel torn on what are our best options are.

Well, what if we told you we know the perfect week away that combines all the above? You’d be rather intrigued, we image. Well your perfect trip away, could have been under your nose the whole time, as today we want to explore the advantages that a cruise can bring to couples, families and solo travellers, who are looking for an interesting and exciting balance of different holiday elements, all bought together on one trip. Here are our top eight reasons that a cruise could be just what you are looking for, for your next trip away.

Multiple Destinations

For anyone considering a cruise, one of the top reasons for this type of holiday is the fact that you get to experience several different locations, all within one holiday. And all within the comfort of your luxury cruiseliner. Whether you are looking for an Ocean cruise around the Mediterranean or river cruises europe or somewhere further afield, there is a cruise for every different taste, preference and requirement. So the best place to start is by looking online to get an idea of all the different options and packages available and start thinking about the ones that best suit your preferences and what you are looking for.

Never A Dull Moment

When travelling on a cruise, there really is never a dull moment, as there is always something to do. Regardless of what you like to do and who you are travelling with there is always something that can keep you entertained and having fun. Whether you just want to relax, with a good book, around the swimming pool, or whether you are feeling active and fancy a workout in the gym. Perhaps for the more active guests, the climbing walls, putting greens, tennis courts, fitness or dance classes might be just what you’re looking for to blow off a bit of steam and enjoy being sporty onboard.

For those that fancy a good old fashioned holiday of relaxation and rejuvenation then there are a whole host of places that will pamper and look after you so that you feel completely indulged and revitalised. Spas, hair salons, nail bars and luxury shops are all there to cater for those that like to be groomed and enjoy the high-life that cruises offer.

For the youngsters, there are clubs and bars that allow you to party into the wee hours and you will also be able to get involved with fun activities like vodka tasting, cocktail making classes, karaoke competitions and casinos. So your cruise experience, can be one long party if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you are travelling with children, a cruise will also promise to keep your kids entertained and happy every day with multiple different activities available from group activities, through to sporting competitions right through to cinema trips and film clubs. So kids are guaranteed to meet other kids their own age and be actively making their way around the ship doing a different activity or joining a different club every day of the holiday.

Travel Whilst You Sleep

It is undeniably great that most of the travelling, from one destination to another, happens when you are asleep. It is a fantastic feeling to wake up in the morning and be making your way into the harbour of yet another fantastic holiday destination. One day you may wake up in San Tropez, another in Rome and a couple of days later you could be in Greece or Croatia. There is something really special in being able to visit so many wonderful locations without having to lift a finger.

Child Friendly

Not only is there an endless amount to keep the kids entertained onboard, a cruise is also a great way to introduce your child to a little light culture. The sightseeing that is involved in a cruise holiday is obviously very appealing to most adults, however sightseeing for kids, can sometimes be a difficult thing to get them excited about in large doses.

However cruise holidays offer such a great balance with the children being able to play and blow off steam with just a few hours of sightseeing sprinkled in here and there. So it’s a great holiday to keep both children and kids happy. If they are at an age where they really are just totally uninterested in taking in the local sites, there is usually a book club, or children activity group that you can leave them at whilst you go and explore. Meaning that everybody gets to do exactly what they want and everyone is happy.

Teen Friendly

If you’re travelling with teens and you are a little concerned about their desire to party a little too excessively then a cruise is a really great way to make sure your teens aren’t getting out of control. Alcohol policies on cruise ships are really strict, with the minimum age for all alcohol being 21, which means that you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your teens are not up to too much mischief after you’ve hit the hay.

Great Cuisine

Contrary to popular belief, the standard of food on cruises is actually very high. Fine dining and exceptional international cuisine is a rule of thumb for all major cruise liners and as it’s an area that is very important for their guests, it is a big focus for cruise companies. There is also a huge variety of different gastronomies and food available from fine dining to afternoon BBQ’s, through to cheap and cheerful restaurants to keep the kids happy.

It’s Incredibly Sociable

If you enjoy meeting new people, when you go on holiday, a cruise is most definitely the right holiday for you. Cruises are notoriously sociable and offer a great opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting characters from all corners of the globe. With an average cruise ship housing around 3,000 passengers it’s no wonder so many great friendships are forged on this type of a holiday.

Of course for those travellers that are perhaps a little more introvert or just prefer to keep themselves to themselves, of course there is absolutely no obligation or pressure to have to socialise and mix with the rest of the guest. It is just as easy and comfortable to enjoy the cruise as an experience where you just want to spend a little quiet, quality time with your loved ones or perhaps even just by yourself.

For people travelling alone a cruise is one of the best holidays on offer, for its daily opportunities to meet fellow passengers and find a few fellow travelling companions along the way.

Top Way To Celebrate

Cruises are a fantastic way to celebrate something really special and important. A big wedding anniversary, a honeymoon, a recent retirement perhaps, or maybe you just fancy a top trip away with your pals. Whatever your reason the cruise experience makes any trip away feel extra special. So if you’re looking for an extra special trip, to treat a loved one or yourself to a holiday that you will never forget, a luxury cruise could be just what you’re looking for.

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