Australia’s safest beach

Brisbane's city beach, the Streets Beach, SouthbankWhen I think of Australia what immediately comes to mind is shrimps on barbecues, thongs as footwear, the accent, all manner of dangerous and deadly creatures and, most prominently, golden sandy beaches.

What is an Australian city to do, then, if it doesn’t happen to have a beach handy? I mean, if push comes to shove I’m sure we can all do without the dangerous creatures on a trip Down Under, shrimp isn’t to everyone’s taste and most people would rather wear footwear on their feet. Beaches, however, are an essential ingredient to any Australian holiday.

Brisbane, Australia’s third-largest city has come up with a novel solution to this very problem: a man-made beach.

Brisbane's Streets BeachWhat Brisbane lacks in natural beaches it almost makes up for with its artificial one. Situated on the city’s South Bank, this man-made lagoon is a sandy oasis with the city skyline as its backdrop. And it’s fairly deep, too, boasting a depth of 1.8m at its deepest point.

But it’s not really for the serious swimmer. Think public swimming pool rather than surf beach. Since 1992 the “Streets Beach” has been catering for families and tourists, manned by some of the most bored-looking lifeguards I have ever seen.

The best thing about Brisbane’s urban beach, however, is it is one swimming spot in Australia where you definitely won’t find any great white sharks, crocodiles or poisonous jellyfish. Instead, I’d be more worried about swimming into any warm spots.

Brisbane's Street Beach

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  1. Love this beach, as well as being free from the Australian deadlies, its also free for the public to use, which i think is really nice.
    Any beaches near to Brisbane that you would recommend?

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree – it’s brilliant that this beach is free to the public! Sorry, I don’t really know of any other beaches near Brisbane… but I hear that Moreton Bay is quite pretty.

    • Thanks Jessie. I’m a sucker for Bondi – just because the TV show Bondi Rescue is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. They’re all wicked though. Think I might move to Sydney when I’m done with SE Asia and Europe

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