Choosing the Best Vehicle for a Family Road Trip

I’ve always had a thing for travelling (obviously) and road tripping, so my wife and I decided to take things to the other level and create the perfect road trip so we can take the entire family with us! If you would love to do the same, you are in the right place as I am going to show you how to choose the best vehicle for a family road trip…

Photos: road trip in the Florida Keys

Renting a car is a must

Renting a car ahead of your trip is the first thing you should do. I always book my car even months ahead my departure to make sure to have everything settled and ready to go!

Choosing the car considering the right requirements

Choosing the right vehicle is another must as you need to find comfort and space as your number-one priorities. Don’t underestimate these features as a road trip could get uncomfortable and stressful in a sec and you want to avoid this while on your way to explore the world!

In America, we’ve twice hired Mustang convertibles, because they’re a real fun drive, but they’re also roomy. A hatchback might be easier to drive around big cities, but good luck fitting everyone in – as well as your bags!

Choosing the Best Vehicle for a Family Road Trip

Compare car hire to make the best choice

I always rely on as it is so easy to use and it offers the best deals on the market. The comparison structure helps me to find the right options considering everything and customising from the pick-up and return date to optional extras. I highly recommend you to use this site. You won’t regret it!

Choosing the perfect vehicle model

To be honest, I had the best time selecting the car for my road trip! Last time out, I decided to rent an SUV as it was right solutions for the kids and us and it is a versatile vehicle perfect for several different occasions and adventures. Something else I love about it? It is wide but classy and effortless to drive.

Choosing the Best Vehicle for a Family Road Trip

Consider a wide trunk for your suitcases

This was another of my priorities as with the babies with me I had to bring so much stuff! Plus, our road trip was made up of both coastal and more internal, so I had to bring outfits to explore the seaside, the mountain and the cities for the four of us! It was quite challenging, but with our vast trunk, we had the best time!

Consider some optional extras

Besides those requirements, I usually check the optional extras out to get everything I need for my trip. This time, having the kids with me, I opted for child toddler seats, and I decided to be the additional driver to let my husband rest a little bit too.

This is my own experience choosing the best vehicle for our first family road trip. It was so amazing finally to travel with kids too and, with the right choices we made, it is really something I highly recommend and I will do it again soon.

Leave your family at home and travel via party bus

Last but certainly not least, you could always leave your family at home and rent a party bus from Riverside rentals. It will guarantee you have an awesome time on the road!

Featuring comfortable seating and enough space to spread out a bit, party buses allow you to play and dance to your favourite music, just like a club on wheels.

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