Cutting the Cost of Your Next Trip

Cutting the Cost of Your Next TripImage source

Travelling cheap doesn’t have to mean travelling poorly. It doesn’t matter where you’re going in the world or what you plan to do once you get there, there are numerous things you can do to cut the cost of your next holiday and still have an amazing time. Here are some of them…

Sign Up for a Credit card with Travel Benefits

Signing up for an airline credit card that allows you to collect air miles is the sensible thing to do if you require a credit card and you like to travel. If you use your credit card to pay for everything (remember to pay off the balance at the end of each month) you could easily rack up thousands of miles every year and possibly never have to pay for a flight again, depending on how much you travel.

Use a Currency Card

Instead of spending your time wondering where to buy us dollars cheaply or worrying about the cost of using your debit card in Europe, get yourself a currency card instead. They’re almost always cheaper than other alternatives, they’re safer than carrying cash around, and you can top them up very easily. They don’t just make travel cheaper  – they make it smarter too.

Be Flexible

I know it isn’t possible for everyone due to work and family commitments, but if you’re relatively free to travel where and when you like, being flexible can and will save you lots of money. For example. Flying on a Wednesday is usually cheaper than flying at the weekend, and buying last minute flights is always a lot more affordable, as are standby tickets. You just have to be willing to go with the flow.

Travel Off-Peak

Travelling at peak times like the school holidays and during peak ski seasons, for example, will always come with a premium. By travelling off-peak, you can stay in the lap of luxury for the same price that your fellow travellers who head out in peak season would pay for the basics, and well if you aren’t interested in luxury, you can just plain save money and get basically the same holiday for half the cost!

Avoid the Popular Places

If you go the most popular world destinations, it will almost always cost you more than going to similar places nearby. Nicaragua is cheaper than Costa Rica, and Croatia is cheaper than Portugal for example, but you’ll have just as good a time, there’ll be fewer crowds, and you’ll discover some hidden gems. What’s not to like?

House Sit

One thing that will really help you to save money on your next trip is house sitting. Instead of spending anywhere from £25-200 per night on hotel rooms, you’ll be able to stay in your chosen location for free, and you’ll have all of the home comforts that you simply can’t get in a hotel.

Do you travel on a budget? What are your top tips for cutting travel costs without compromising too much on comfort?

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