Delicious Destinations For Food Lovers (And Why)

With the world on the verge of opening up again, foodies can finally indulge their taste buds by traveling overseas. Sure, you can recreate different cuisines at home, yet it isn’t the same as exploring a new country or city. After all, the locals are masters with years of experience and expertise.

Plus, there’s something special about the process. The outcome is a delicious reward for the hard work and graft you put into finding places to eat. Yep, you couldn’t be happier that you will finally be able to resume your passion for food.

There is a problem, though – you need a destination. With twelve months out of the game, you might not be up to date with the latest changes. And, the last thing you want to do is waste time researching when you could be traveling. So, the best option is to do it now while you’re bored and out of action.

Indeed, if your pent-up frustrations are ready to explode, you will need several locations to try out. That way, you can scratch an itch that has been annoying you for the past year! If you’re searching for inspiration, these are the top destinations for food lovers.

Delicious Destinations For Food Lovers (And Why)

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Holland won’t jump out at you as a foodie destination. That’s because The Netherlands has a reputation that’s similar to the UK – its cuisine isn’t great! In some ways, that’s true because there are a lot of pickled fish and local “delights” you’ll only enjoy if you were brought up around the ingredients.

However, Amsterdam is a bustling capital of a major European country, which means it has more up its sleeve than herring and fries with mayonnaise. The Michelin starred restaurants are everywhere you look if you can bag an afternoon or evening reservation, and the independent food scene is thriving too.

But, it’s Holland’s commitment to vegetarianism and veganism that is making waves throughout Europe and the world. The Meatless District has an incredible reputation for creating masterpiece menus that don’t suffer from a lack of animal products. The De Culinaire Werkplaats is also very innovative regarding new dishes.

The example that highlights Amsterdam’s meat-free artistry is the city’s Dutch Weedburger. Don’t worry because it won’t get you high unless you trip off endorphins! The weed stands for seaweed, giving the patty a salty taste and a crunchy texture that dovetail perfectly with the bread and cheese.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Another capital city, Ljubljana is different from Amsterdam because of the influences that have molded the region in the past. Slovenia has an eastern European vibe in many ways, but it’s also not without influences from its Mediterranean neighbors or Alpine skiing resorts.

As a result, it’s a veritable smorgasbord of treats for visitors to tuck into as soon as they land. The great thing about Ljubljana is the size of the city – it’s tiny. This means it has a small-town feel, with plenty of nooks and crannies for vibrant hospitality entrepreneurs to add to the capital’s growing reputation.

For instance, there are tons of hipster coffee shops dotted throughout the city’s limits. Not only is there hardly a Starbucks in sight, but the cafes focus on serving hearty food with their strong cups of joe. Then, there are the artisan burger joints that combine classic ingredients with a pinch of creativity to develop burgers you have never seen before, and won’t outside of Slovenia.

All of this is encased in one of the most spectacularly stunning nations in the world. Slovenia is known for its natural beauty, so you can look forward to an eclectic mix of menus wrapped in breathtaking green spaces. What’s not to like?


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Pittsburgh, USA

If you have heard anything about Pittsburgh, it might not have been flattering. The city’s NFL team is called the Steelers, and that’s pretty much all you need to know. At least, you did in an era when the industrial landscape was ingrained within the community. However, as Pittsburgh evolves, the scenery, including the food scene, goes along for the ride.

A prime example is the art vibe that urban migrants have injected into the city. Everything is now more hipster and artisan, from the graffiti on building walls to the dishes prepared in smooth, minimalist kitchens that reflect the expanding industry dominated by affordable rents.

There’s one other thing that makes Pittsburgh worth exploring – the improved accessibility. Many airlines now fly directly to Pennsylvania without layovers, making the journey much simpler. It’s a time and energy-saver. And, the ESTA program means you will be pre-approved beforehand. Find out more at

The east coast is rife with travelers, but that isn’t always a good thing. Anyone looking for a different place in the States to mix things up a bit will be hard-pressed to find anywhere better than Pittsburgh, PA.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Delicious Destinations For Food Lovers (And Why)

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Mexican food is revered the world around, and rightly so. There’s nothing like arriving in Mexico City and propping up a bar of a local taco joint, especially when they are delicious and cheap, which is why so many people choose to backpack around Central America.

Yet, it’s tempting to throw the cuisine of the country into a single melting pot, which isn’t healthy.Of course, tacos and quesadillas are staples you’ll find from the north to the east, west, and south. However, certain regions are well-known for their different approach, and Oaxaca is the best example.

As soon as you walk through the streets and marketplaces, you’ll be shocked by the amount of choice. For instance, there are cheese stalls – Oaxaca is famous for its cheese – standing next to buckets of crunchy insects. The coup de grace is Mercado 20 de Noviembre. This smokey meat hall is full of the freshest cuts of meat. Even better, they’ll cook it right in front of you on red hot grills.

The experience is intense, but it’s worth it when you finally sit down with a succulent piece of chicken or beef.

Bottom Line

You can go anywhere you please when traveling is back on the cards. Still, you’ll be lucky if you find better food experiences than the ones mentioned above.

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