Discovering Australia through its impressive road trips

A Kangaroo warning sign in Australia

Australia is a country with a huge variety of attractions, landscapes and experiences. You will be happy to discover that the experiences and memories that you will gain from this country are constantly changing. All this and much more will fill your travel life in the country with shocking moments. But how can you get the most out of your visit to the country? But of course by trying a road trip to the Australian continent. By making such a trip, you will have the opportunity to get to know first hand all the known and unknown places of this large country, living a truly life changing experience. So let’s see, what are those routes that deserve your attention, during your visit to the island:

Red Centre Way

Travelling inland Australia will introduce you to an indescribable landscape. The geomorphology of the soil, the ancient and glorious monuments, and the changes in the climate create a “superior” sense of grandeur that every visitor must feel, a moment in his life. An adventurous trip to the Northern Territory of the country, which will probably last for more than one week, but its influence within you will last much longer. We are talking about a route that includes all those parts that we know and love in the country of Australia and especially in its central part, which begins and ends in the same area – that of the city of Alice Springs.

Great Barrier Reef Drive

On a road trip, long trips are not as exciting as you might think. There are other shorter routes, but they manage to gather and gather in fewer kilometres, things you may not have encountered in your longer travel by car. One such route is the Great Barrier Reef Drive in Queensland. Within a total of 140 km of road, you will discover several things of Epirus that make a real difference. The wild vegetation of the areas, the beautiful provincial towns and the world heritage sites are some of the things you will find in this area. The tropical North of Australia presents a unique ecosystem, which contributes to the overall prosperity of the island, with rare species of animals, plants and landscapes lined with the most valuable colours of the palette. For an extra dose of adventure, you can visit that area, the oldest rainforest on the planet. Quite impressive, right?

Gibb River Road

Turning to the west side of the country and the famous Kimberley Coastline, you will encounter a fantastic road full of sunshine and scenic areas. After crossing all 660 kilometres of the route, you will notice an inner change and perhaps a spiritual maturation. It would be best if you remembered that this route has a rough surface throughout, which means that the vehicle with which you will have to cross it will have to be 4×4 in order to have the opportunity to explore other more inaccessible but fascinating areas. 

So before planning your trip and choosing a rental car, you should consider the needs of that particular trip. So when looking for a car hire in Australia, at a rental company such as Enjoy Travel, you should turn to rent a 4×4 vehicle, which you will find necessary on the Gibb River Road route. So cross rocky paths, rivers and dense vegetation with a car that will have all those technical features to do it.

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