Discovering the real Egypt: my top 3 activities

Egypt's Red Sea

You’ve just spotted a great deal for your all-inclusive holiday to Egypt. Then you think of the country a bit: Sharm El Sheikh and the pyramids are pretty much all that comes to your mind.

And that is kind of a shame because few countries have so much to offer in terms of historical, natural and cultural heritage as Egypt does.

I’ve decided, then, to list my top 3 activities to discover the real soul of Egypt.

Cruises on the Nile

Sailing down what is one of the most important rivers in history, you will be amazed to discover the magic that surrounds the Nile. In order to enjoy this travel, all you need is a great love for adventure: it takes a good dose of initiative to deal with the remote southern regions, which are as fascinating as they are full of contrasts.

As the river flows quietly below you, the surrounding landscape won’t cease to amaze you. Usually going in between Aswan and Luxor, a cruise allows you to discover the Valley of Kings, the Temples of Karnak and Luxor, as well as Agatha Christie’s favourite, Temple of Philae. At the end of the day, you’ll just have make sure to get back to the ship’s deck right in time to enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Sinai Safaris

All the emotions you could get in the Sinai Peninsula packed into a single adventure: that’s the essence of a safari trip here. Straying away from the beaten track gives you indeed an empowering feel: Sinai Self Drive Safaris offers 4×4 visits to Ras Mohamed National Park as well as Nabq protectorate, with unmissable activities such as camel riding and star gazing.

Yeah, you heard it right: star gazing. But this is not just any star-gazing, you’ll be able to see the stars close-up with a massive telescope and relax afterwards in a Bedouin tent. Not bad at all, considering that the skies here are among the shiniest in the world.

Deep-Sea Fishing in Hurghada

Fishing is something for the patient and the adventurous. Given the beauty of the Red Sea environment, there’s a different kind of excitement to it in Egypt.

The Hurghada area is a fantastic spot for all expert anglers to discover the unique marine fauna that populates the Red Sea. Between Barracudas, Sailfish, Unicorn Leather Jacket and Needle Fish, there is an exotic species for everyone here.

Making the Red Sea special for fanatics of this sport is the possibility to fish all year round. Small fishing group trips depart from Hurghada: most skippers are experienced anglers too, and will be happy to give you all the guidance you need to catch what lies beneath those crystalline waters.

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