Experience Thailand: What You Need to Know

Experience Thailand: What You Need to Know

Thailand is an amazing place, with a wonderful mixture of beaches, cuisine and a culture so fascinating that you’ll never want to leave! There are bustling metropolis cities like Bangkok, little farming villages, fishing communities and leafy jungle islands: enough to keep any restless traveller entertained and excited.

But what does the discerning traveller have to do in advance of this trip of a lifetime to ensure that you’re as prepared for Thailand as you can be?

Book in advance

You should always keep your eye out for ways to fly for less, since flights to Thailand can be expensive. If you book well enough in advance, you’ll end up spending half of what you would if you were booking for next week!


In advance of your trip, make sure that you have at least six months before your passport expires, and visit the doctor to find out what vaccinations you might need. Pack all the toiletries and medications you might need for your trip: you may find these things tricky to buy in Thailand.

Decide where you’re going

There’s so much to see and do in Thailand that it’s a great idea to plan your itinerary before you arrive so you can do as much as possible. If you’re not visiting for long, make sure you pack in the highlights like Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket; if you can, plan for a few weeks so you can visit as much of this marvellous country as possible!

Experience Thailand: What You Need to Know

Arrange accommodation

Once you’ve sorted your itinerary, book your accommodation in advance, especially for the more popular tourist areas. Accommodation in places like Bangkok or the more tourist-driven Thai islands might be fully booked, so making a reservation in advance could solve you some headaches upon arrival.

Learn about the culture

If you’re never visited Thailand before, read up on local customs, religion and etiquette. This will give you a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the country, while also ensuring that you don’t offend anyone without understanding why!

Immerse yourself

You’re on this trip to experience Thailand, so make sure that you really get up close and personal to the culture. Eat in restaurants, and taste the local cuisine. Read up on restaurant etiquette: finishing the food on your plate is good manners, for instance; and serving small portions from shared dishes is normal.

Thailand is simply one of those countries you’ll love. It doesn’t matter whether you’re exploring the busy cities or simply lounging on the beach, you won’t be able to get enough.

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