A food boat on Railay Beach in Thailand

Is there anything better in the entire world than street-food in Thailand? How about a pad Thai on the beach, cooked fresh on a floating restaurant…

I snapped this shot of a Thai food boat at Railay Beach – a small peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang – that was anchored in the surf, hawking fresh-cooked food to order. As you can see, it manages to drum up quite a bit of business from beachgoers.

A food boat on Railay Beach in Thailand

Sandwiches, baguettes, pancakes, hamburgers, French fries, fried rice, barbecue and, yes, even pad Thai can be purchased from this entrepreneurial boat restaurant. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that hamburgers cost just 60 baht, that’s less than $2 US (£1.20 in the UK) and pancakes cost even less.

You can’t beat those prices in the West – especially not at a floating restaurant on a beautiful beach, if such a thing exists outside of Thailand.

I found myself at Railay Beach after taking a full-day sightseeing trip from Krabi, getting in a bit of snorkelling at Chicken Island (so-named because it does in fact look a little like poultry) and some other near-by islands.

Though I’ve seen plenty of shacks on beaches and islands around Thailand, where you can get things like fruit shakes, beer and Coca-cola, I’ve never seen any other boat restaurants like this one.

Have you seen anything like it before?

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  1. I’ve visited and eaten from this boat! It completely amazed me (unfortunately my backpacking friends weren’t so amazed).. Very entrepreneurial, and a great idea considering Railey Beach is mainly accessible by boat! Another wonder of South-East Asia!

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