Fun with Spanish travel acrostics

You know how a lack of sleep can make your brain do funny things? Well this is what happened when I sat down to write a blog post after an 11-hour flight from London to Hong Kong.

I wrote a couple of Spanish travel-themed acrostic poems. You know, like the ones you probably wrote back in primary school – the letters in a topic word begin a new word which relates back to the topic word?

That’s right; I am a crazy person when I haven’t had enough sleep. I wrote out “Barcelona”, “San Sebastian”, “Valencia” and “Ibiza” this is what my fatigued, sleep-deprived brain came up with…


Architecture of Gaudi


Cable car to Castell de Montjuic

Eating tapas

La Sagrada Familia

Out late

Night magic fountain show

Always drink sangria!

Cranes tower above the La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain

Surf’s up in San Sebastian!


Nearest airport is Bilbao


Sangria, of course

Eating pintxos

Beach pontoons

Aste Nagusia fireworks

Semana Grande party

Tapas, hell yes!

In the Basque country

A little tourist train

Never have a bad meal

I scoff down a delicious pintxos in San Seabastian, Spain
Me and pintxos – a match made in heaven.

Itsy bitsy bikinis


Infamous Cafe Del Mar


Awake late clubbing

Clubbing at Space in Ibiza, SpainValencian oranges

Almond seed and rice drink, horchata

La Tomatina (one of my best travel memories)

Eat paella

Never leave your bags unguarded

City of arts and science

Ibiza ferry stop

America’s Cup Village

So what do you think? Amazing travel poet or a crazed lunatic who could do with a good night’s sleep? Or maybe I’m both… next time it’ll be travel-related haiku poetry!

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