Funny Google search terms

A very weird Google search term brings up my blog as the top result!

It seems that people really do Google the darndest things.

One of the quirks of Google Analytics is I can see what people Google to get to this here travel blog – and often it’s hilarious.

Sure, most of the time it’s things like “Thailand backpacker budget”, “things to do in San Francisco” or “great places to visit in Europe” but every now and again it’s something ridiculous.

Why are people Googling these nonsensical and outrageous things in the first place? And does my travel blog sate their quest for information?

Since launching Man vs World at the end of January 2012 I’ve maintained a low bounce rate of 0.31% so I suppose people do find something of interest, even if it isn’t exactly what they were looking for.

And now, a collection of the scary, astonishing and funny Google search terms people use to find my site.

Wrong website!

www underwear factory in Istanbul

Odd match-ups

bat man vs ben

man vs croc on a boat

tiger vs croc

Men doing strange things

men wrerstling to see who is better

man wrestles crocodile on side of road

man in the middle of the ocean

man inside crocodile

a man that turn in to a crocodile

Seek help immediately!

someone getting stabbed in the face

singapore 15 eat drugs


scary screaming faces

why so dark this life

ruined childhood

is it possible to get stabbed in the face and not feel it

i was stabbed in the face, could i get money

how does it feel to get stabbed in the face


women stripped naked

wide jaws men

single women milan Italy

se asia wet t shirt

bali men island xxx

Just plain odd

what to buy as a souvenir at the beach for a guy

travel magnet

this souvenir is

tell me about the men s 50km race walk in the mall on saturday 11th august

stinky feet bus ride

simon yaey xxnxx

me @ Tenerife

angry tiger on tree

Really? You ended up here?

for a bowl


child’s drawing of playing cricket

cat up a tree

blue ocean

beach shoe

beach home


hot wind

photo of man in sea swimming

What does this say about me and my site?

Drinking beer

Are travel blogs worth it

the most fasionable person in the life

I can’t help being a snob

My apologies if you’ve just stumbled upon this blog post with any of the above search terms; we’re laughing with you, not at you. Wait, reverse that…

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    • Talk about your funny search terms! Haha, that’s hilarious! Maybe not so funny for the wife though… poor lady.

    • Thanks Becky! It makes me wonder about the people who Google these things and how disappointed they must bee to find my site instead..

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