Giraffe restroom and other funny signs around the world

As far as life’s pleasures go, none are as diverse as travel. Beyond exploring new and interesting landscapes and experiencing different ways of life, travel also offers a multitude of other unique joys.

Such as reading funny signs translated into English.

Funny and strange signs around the world always brighten a traveller’s day. True, it’s a guilty pleasure but it’s a pleasure nonetheless.

Here are five hilarious signs from around the world that have either been poorly translated into English or are just plain weird:

Weird restrooms at Chiang Mai Zoo

Giraffe restroom at Chiang Mai Zoo, Thailand

A rest room only for Aussie animals

Funny sign on a bus…

A funny sign on a bus tells me to litter here

Funny sign at a McDonalds (of all places)

A funny sign at a McDonalds

The most important part of a balanced diet is…

Food is the most important part of a balanced dietI hope you enjoyed these funny signs. Man vs World will be on the look out for more – you can be sure of that.


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    • It’s a guilty pleasure. I’ll share more in the future, so long as I remember to have my camera on me at all times!

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