Great places to live in the USA when you retire

Hiking and seeing horses

If we’re all lucky enough, some day we get to retire and simply enjoy the rest of our lives whatever way we want. It can be hard to pick the right location but there are heaps of organisations that can help realise your dream of traveling in your golden years, such as Suncorp. Here’s a list of perfect retirement locations in the United States to help you get started in your search.

Love hiking?

If you’re a couple that is going to be living off of social security alone, then Blacksburg, VA is an excellent place to live. The residents of this town earn around an average of $26,792 per year, which is around the same as many couples getting social security. This scenic town is cozied in between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, giving access to the Appalachian Trail and Jefferson National Forrest. Here you can enjoy a mild climate, the low crime rates, and the strong economy.

You’re never too old to get an education

Maybe you always wanted to go to college but your working life never allowed you the chance, then Boone, N.C. is the perfect place to be. Here at the Appalachian State University you can enroll into classes tuition-free if you are 65 years of age or older. That’s not the only great thing about this town: there is free public transport via the bus service AppalCART. Not to mention there is also free live outdoor concerts every week during the summer at the Jones House Cultural and Community Center.

For the less intense outdoorsmen…

Mount Pleasant, MA is a great place to be if you love the outdoors but aren’t much into things like hiking or extreme sports. There is the Chippewa River that goes through the town where you can go fishing, seven different city parks to enjoy, and a 40-acre sanctuary called the Florence Maxwell Sanctuary. Plus there is an added bonus that this town is also very affordable for a couple living off social security alone.

Love to volunteer?

Austin, Texas is a great place to live for the soon to retire. There is a great economy here and the weather is always warm. The cost of living is around average for the rest of the country; however, the average home price is above the national average, making it helpful to have a little extra money besides social security. This is a great city live for volunteer work as there are tons of different options and locations that are always looking for extra helping hands.

If money is of no concern…

If you are one of the lucky people for whom money isn’t a concern even after retirement, then check out Paradise Valley, AZ. Though it is a small town, it has views that are worth millions – and that is what you’ll pay for a home in this area. Right outside of two great cities (Phoenix and Scottsdale) this area is known for its amazing resorts, golf courses, and fantastic dining.

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  1. Dude, the West is where it’s at. The East is ok, but it’s humid, crowded, relatively low altitude and has a religious component. Go West Young Man- this coming from a US Airline Pilot.

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