Help make the soundtrack for my US road trip

My apologies for the lack of blog posts lately; I’ve been far too busy planning my wedding. That’s a pretty good excuse, right?

Next week we tie the knot after being together, living together and travelling together for more than eight years. It certainly feels like it’s been a long time coming since we got engaged in Bali last year, but the big day is finally just around the corner.

Me and Nic with the engagement ring, on the beach in Kuta, Bali

I can’t wait to say “I do” in front of family and friends, before heading off on a honeymoon road trip in the United States of America.

But before we go, we’re compiling a playlist of the songs to listen to on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, through Death Valley, past the Grand Canyon and on to San Francisco, before driving down the Pacific Coast Highway and back to LA.

You reckon you could help us out with some appropriate suggestions? We don’t care how cheesy. These are some of the songs we’ve got so far…

Beverly Hills – Weezer

Hotel California – The Eagles

California Love – 2Pac

California Dreaming – The Mammas & the Pappas

Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses

Road Trippin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

California Gurls – Katy Perry

On the Road Again – Willie Nelson

Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

California – Phantom Planet

The iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

Can you think of any other good road trip songs or ones about California, Vegas, LA or San Francisco?

And definitely do NOT judge my taste in music by these songs; Nic is the one who suggested Katy Perry! Frankly, the thought of listening to that awful song on my honeymoon is enough to make me consider calling off the entire wedding.

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  1. So excited to hear you’re road-tripping the US! Here are a few country and USA tunes I haven’t seen anyone mention:

    Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd
    Song of the South- Alabama
    It’s a Great day to be alive- Travid Tritt
    Folsom Prison & other Johnny Cash!
    New York State of Mind- Jay-Z Alicia Keys
    DC Sleeps Tonight- Postal Service

  2. Can’t believe I forgot the Boss! Born in the U.S.A and Thunder Road are a must. Also Simon and Garfunkel’s America is awesome. (You can sing the Simon bits and Nicola can be Garfunkel haha) ACDC – Highway to Hell, and The Who – My Generation, nothing to do with America but an awesome song :p

    And for the lady (this might call off the wedding): Party in the U.S.A by Miley Cyrus. I apologise for that one…

  3. Don’t forget ‘House of the Rising Sun’ by the Animals. It name drops New Orleans so it counts!

    Stone Roses – Love Spreads
    Queens of the Stone Age – Make It Wit Chu

    Awesome cruising songs :p

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