HerePin App Review: Connecting Nearby Travellers

This review was written by Mrs Man vs World, who within minutes of downloading the HerePin app was fielding questions from curious travellers about her hometown of Auckland, New Zealand…

HerePin app review: connecting nearby travellers

If you’ve ever been somewhere new and wondered where to go to get the best burger in the city, or you’re looking for a friend of two to car pool up north or attend next weekend’s festival, then I suggest you check out HerePin.

A new, local messaging app for travellers, HerePin is great way to meet fellow travellers, get travel tips, and ask questions in real-time based on their location.

After a free download and quick profile set up, I was ready to get started. It was simple enough to test the location setting in the top corner to find what people were saying near me, or where they were headed next.

The pins might be as random as others looking for boat recommendations in the Bay of Islands, to those looking for festival buddies next weekend – or a fellow traveller who has just stumbled across a winning bar by the waterfront that everyone should try (that was me, by the way!).

From there, you can like the pins of others, comment directly or private message the author simply and easily.  It was also easy to add your own pin – with a photo if you like – sharing a tip, asking if anyone wants to join you or asking for advice.

It’s a great tool for a solo traveller too, allowing easy messaging with others who are also looking for a travel buddy or for someone to share a drink or meal with.

The verdict

Throughout my short time using HerePin, I found it really intuitive and easy to use, simple to connect with others through private message or commenting, and just really helpful.

Everyone I’ve seen has been very friendly and all in the same boat, making it really useful when you’re in a new spot.

In fact, the only thing holding it back is the number of people using it, because it would be great to connect with even more travellers on HerePin, to share travel tips and hidden gems anywhere and everywhere we travel.

So, with that in mind, here are 10 reasons you could use HerePin when you’re in a new city:

–      Seek out friendly travellers nearby

–      Find out what’s happening in a new city

–      Get recommendations

–      Get reviews and tips

–      Find something new to do

–      Make an instant connection

–      Help other travellers

–      Find someone to catch up with for food or drink

–      Make a connection for your next road trip plan

–      Ask for help

I would encourage you to try the app whilst travelling this year! You can find it on the app store or on Google Play.

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