How to Make the Most of Your Next Camping Trip

How to Make the Most of Your Next Camping Trip

Camping has developed somewhat of an old-fashioned reputation recently. However, modern innovations , combined with environmental considerations, have meant it is increasing in popularity again. This effect has been heightened by pandemic restrictions which have limited people’s holiday options. As enjoyable as camping can be, successful trips require some planning. If you are looking to make a camping trip later this year, these are a few things you should pay careful attention to.

Choose Your Site Wisely

The location where you’re going to be camping is arguably the most important thing to consider when planning a trip. There are a number of things to take into account. First, think about the type of area you want to visit. Most destinations have dedicated campsites in a variety of scenic locations, including coastal, forested, and mountainous sites. You should also think about what you are looking for in a campsite. Popular tourist destinations will have campsites with ample amenities, including shops, social offerings, and electrical hook-ups. However, they are also often busier, and offer smaller plots. Less-developed campsites alternatively offer the opportunity to get closer to nature, but  have less services on-site. You should thus make sure you bring adequate supplies if you choose the latter. 

You should also be aware that many campsites require reservations being made prior to arrival. The busiest campsites also tend to fill up during peak seasons, so you should try to make any decisions about destinations well in advance. If you prefer to simply find an available campsite upon arrival, you may consider avoiding going during the most popular times of the year to ensure you can find a spot. 

Consider Alternative Accommodation 

In an effort to diversify their business, many campsites are now offering alternative on-site  accommodation options to traditional camping. These may be appealing to you if you are not used to camping or prefer a little extra comfort. Today there are an array of different options to fit every budget and preference. Motorhome holidays, for example, offer more amenities than traditional camping, and also allows you to easily visit multiple areas in one trip. They are thus particularly advantageous when visiting larger countries like Australia and the USA. Glamping options like tepees and onsite cabins also offer the experience of camping combined with the luxury of other holiday accommodation.   

Plan for all Conditions

Camping inevitably means you will be exposed to the elements during your trip. Therefore, unless you live in an area with a particularly stable climate, you should prepare for all possible weather. There is nothing worse than packing solely for hot weather, and then being stuck in your tent all trip due to rain. You should thus make sure you pack adequate waterproof clothing, and ideally some waterproofing supplies for your tent, to keep your accommodation dry. It’s also always a good idea to bring some warm clothing, since even hotter climates can get cold at night. This guidance applies for choosing your accommodation as well. Traditional tents, for example, can get very hot and stuffy in warmer conditions. 

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