How to save money when booking flights

How to save money when booking flights

Unfortunately, most of us tend to travel without taking a look at the air tab, and that is how you end up paying over the odds for a holiday trip. As a savvy traveller, you should always look to slash the amount you pay for that boarding pass by some percentage.

Looking to get yourself a cheap flight? There are easy ways to get it done:

Do not fly direct

Of course, this works if you are a fan of layovers or don’t have to worry about the time spent going indirectly. Choosing to make a few stops along the way will enable you to save at least a tenth of your air fare. You will need to understand airports and check travel sites to note when flights are available that suit your needs.

Choose the time of month to fly

Generally, the cost of flying tends to peak at around weekends as well as the end of the month. Instead of travelling on a Monday or Friday, look at what the charts say the prices are for a day like Wednesday. There are several days within the week during which you get to pay way lower than the weekends or busier business days.

Go around the baggage fees

If your luggage is over the limit, find a way to trim it. If you find that your expensive mink jacket is adding to the number of pounds showing up at check-in, simply wear it rather than having it as part of the luggage. A rule of the thumb is not to carry anything you do not need or can buy at the end of your journey at a little cost. If you are thinking about carrying a ton of books, make a smarter decision; simply toss them away, go online and download their eBook versions-or go to the library at the other end. When you are going away you should always make sure that you have your airline’s number handy just in case you need to get hold of them to find out any flight information.

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