Jobs You Can Do On The Beach

Jobs You Can Do On The Beach

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Love the beach? What if you could find a job that allows you to not just work near the beach, but on the beach itself. Below are just a few options for those that want to enjoy a day out at the beach while earning some money. 


While possibly not quite as glamorous or action-packed as Baywatch would have you believe, a job as a beach lifeguard does allow you to enjoy all day at the beach. You need to be a good swimmer and have a good level of fitness if you want a chance of landing this job. You’ll also likely need to take a course, in which you’ll gain first aid qualifications and ocean knowledge. You can work full-time or part-time. Bear in mind that positions can be competitive and that your local beach may not always have a vacancy.

Surf instructor

If you’ve got a lot of experience surfing, another fun vocation option could be to become a surf instructor. This typically involves taking a surf instructor course as well as learning some basic lifesaving skills. You can work for an existing surf school or start your own surf school. Becoming a surf instructor could be a chance to work and travel – you could join a surf school abroad, earn money teaching people to surf and experience living in a new country.

Fitness instructor

Fitness classes and boot camps on the beach are very popular. By taking a group fitness instructor course, you could gain the skills to set up your very own class. You typically don’t need a licence to host a fitness class on a beach unless it’s a private beach, making it very cost-efficient. Alternative options to a general fitness class could include a yoga class or a martial arts class. 

Marine biologist

Marine biologists study and help to conserve marine life. This could include various marine life found on beaches such as turtles, seals and crabs. This is a great job for people that love the beach and love wildlife. Becoming a marine biologist typically requires taking a course in marine biology in order to gain official qualifications. You can then apply for work at a research centre or conservation organisation. Such work is very competitive and you may have to travel to find work. 


Some coastal towns and villages have bars that are situated directly on the beach. Getting a job working in one of these bars could be another way to make money while on the beach. You typically don’t need any qualifications or experience to work in a bar, however some renowned bars may prefer to hire employees who have previous bar experience. You’ll usually find these types of bars in beach resort towns. There may also be restaurants and shops on the beachfront that you can find work in that could also allow you to spend all day by the beach while making a living. 

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