Looking To The Sea From Dana Point

The Orange County is well and truly full of different spots each worth spending a whole vacation in. If you’re a lover of the sea and the luxuries often only found by the coast, then Dana Point might be one often missed spot that you should check out. Here is why it’s worth a closer look.

Looking To The Sea From Dana Point

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Surf’s up

First of all, you can’t talk about Dana Point without talking about surfing. There are all kinds of water sport rental services at the city’s beaches, but the surfing community here is one of the single biggest draws for those looking for thrills and spills. Just make sure you check out the weather and surf forecasts as the beaches aren’t always newbie friendly. That said, there are plenty of surf schools and coaches to help you learn the ropes.

Lounge over the Pacific

The city offers some of the greatest views of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for somewhere to wander off to, then you might want to take the Pacific Coast Highway route to or from Malibu for a day trip. If you want to stay put, then you should definitely look for accommodation like Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort & Spa that offer a perfect view over the sea and all the luxuries to keep you satisfied while you stay. Don’t forget to hang around the coast at sunset for a remarkably romantic sight, either.

Meet the wonders of the sea

The flora and fauna off the coast are well worth visiting in their own right, too. You can go snorkeling to check out the plethora of creatures that live right off the coast. If you’re feeling more adventurous, take a boat out where you might be lucky enough to meet the dolphins and whales that welcome plenty of visitors throughout the year.

A wander worth having

Not all of the attractions are out in the sea, either. There’s plenty to explore on dry land, particularly if you head to the Dana Point Headlands Nature and Interpretive Center. Right above Dana Point on the area known as Green Lantern, the Center offers plenty of exhibitions and education on local wildlife and wonders with a trail that takes you all along the magnificent heights of the coast.

Boutique beauty

If you feel like enjoying a little more time amongst civilization, there’s plenty to do within the city itself. There’s a wide range of restaurants and nightlife to keep you occupied, but if you’re in the OC, you can’t miss the opportunity to pick up a few pieces of the latest fashions. Dana Point Harbor has some great shopping, from big chain stores to fancy little boutiques that can make your wardrobe just that little bit classier.

Dana Point is not only one of the better coastal cities of the OC. It might also be one of the best places to visit in the US if you truly love the sea and the coastal lifestyle. There’s always tons to do and vistas that might just make you want to stay forever.

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