PDFBear’s Essential Tools For Your PDF Files: An Online Guide

PDFBear's Essential Tools For Your PDF Files: An Online Guide

PDF is the most common type of format used by everyone. It makes documents authentic and genuine. With PDF formatted files, we can share, view, edit, etc., documents that other formats won’t allow or support. PDF files are easier and efficient to use since all major Operating Systems and browsers support them.

We can utilize our PDF files using PDFBear’s tools. These tools support our PDF formatted files by advancing it’s quality. PDFBear has available tools online that can improve your files. With PDFBear, we can add a watermark, add an electronic signature, add page number, compress, convert, merge and split. Here, we are gonna show you some of the tools and how to use them.

Adding a Watermark

Giving your documents a sense of ownership is very important. We can do this by adding watermarks to our PDF files. These watermarks could be anything such as a logo, text, or pattern. By placing watermarks on our PDF files, it gives more integrity to our documents. To add watermark to PDF is simple.

The first is to select the file that we want to add a watermark. After uploading, we can type a text or select an image of our choice to be our watermark. We can customize the typography and transparency of our watermarks. Then place the position to where we want our watermark. Once we applied the changes, our PDF file would be available for download, and we can save it to our Dropbox or Cloud.

Adding E-Signature

Adding an electronic signature to our PDF files makes our documents original and authoritative. Also, by adding an electronic signature, we can avoid additional tasks, such as scanning and printing, just to add a signature. With PDFBear, we can add electronic signatures fast and easily. With PDFBear, our signatures are protected and secured with their 256-SSL Encryption.

There are only three easy steps to follow in adding an electronic signature. The first is to select the file, and then we can add our electronic signature. Once done, it would be available for download, and we can save it to our drive or Dropbox and Cloud.

Adding Page Numbers

We add page numbers to our documents to make them more professional and make pages easier to locate. With the help of PDFBear, it became easy to add page numbers to our documents. PDFBear also lets us customize the position and typography of our added numbers to our files. By just following PDFBear’s 4-step instructions, our modified PDF files will be available for download.

First, we select the PDF file that we demand to attach the page numbers. Then, we have to wait for the file to upload to their system. Once uploaded, we can edit and modify our files to want our page numbers to be located. After we have sorted out the page numbers to our files, PDFBear asks us to click on “Number Pages,” and the modified files will be ready for download.

Compressing a PDF

Compressing our PDF files reduces the file size while maintaining its quality. By doing so, we can avoid any common conflicts that we might have encountered before, such as errors in uploading the file due to the file size being too large.

Compressing a PDF file with PDFBear is straightforward. The first is to select the file that we want to compress and upload it on their system. Then choose the file size that we want before our document gets converted. It would be available for download, and we can now attach our files with no problem.

Converting to PDF

We can convert any format to PDF, such as Word, Excel, JPG, PPT, and HTML. It would be more secure and protected from unauthorized access if we convert our files to PDF. It would be easier and more convenient to view or send and share to other people.

Converting to PDF is easy with PDFBear. For example, with Word formatted files, we just have to select the file that we want to convert then PDFBear will scan and start the conversion process. Once done, it wil be available for download, and we can save it to our drive or send and share it through email.


PDFBear has at least 20 tools available that we can use online. With this, we can now modify our PDF documents in different ways. The good thing about this is that it’s free and we don’t need to download any software.

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