Photo Friday: a choice bit of propaganda in Vietnam

A wicked bit of propaganda in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam is littered with communist propaganda everywhere you go. Most of it is pretty cool; some of it is a little scary. This particular gem on the banks of Sword Lake in Hanoi made me stop dead in my tracks.

Those bloody hands have destroyed New Zealand and wiped out the entire East Coast of Australia!

Having just come off a 14-hour sleeper bus and feeling a little bit like the living dead, this monument to my homeland’s destruction left me feeling dazed and confused.

My mind was reeling with questions: what do those hands have against Antipodeans? Whose hands are they anyway? Is Vietnam so large you can swim there from Australia?

Apparently it’s a symbolic sculpture for peace and hope, as in “I hope that giant dove doesn’t crap on me!”

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    • Nice! I’d love to know what you think. They’re both very different countries. I hope you enjoy your time here!

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