It’s time to take a road trip through Australia

Ayers Rock in Australia

Australia is a place where the landscape, flora, fauna, and the people are constantly changing as you travel this spectacular continent. There are discoveries to be made in every corner of this land. It’s time to put on your traveling shoes and take a road trip. Make this one count and expand your horizons along the great horizons of the land of Oz.

Stanwell Park to Royal National Park

If you’re looking for a scenic route of epic proportions, this is one that will take your breath away. Take a coastal drive along the beaches and high cliffs. As you breathe in the ocean air and marvel at the landscape, you might forget where you’re going. Then you arrive at Royal National Park in Sydney. Here you’ll see an abundance of wildlife and stunning scenery including waterfalls and lush forests. Top off your road trip by bicycling through the park and take the time to do some whale-watching. From beginning to end, this trip will be a memorable one.

Perth to Esperance

Caravanning and camping is popular among Aussies and there are plenty of places to travel and settle in to experience the outdoors as it’s meant to be experienced. A great route to travel is from Perth to the beautiful coastal town of Esperance in Western Australia. With five national parks around Esperance, you’ll have your pick of places to set up camp. Take a longer route toward Albany through the old whaling station and view the ocean from one of the many lookout posts. You may see humpback and southern right whales as they make their migration along the coast. Once you’ve made it to Esperance, you can camp out and take the opportunity to view the islands of the Archipelago for more whale-watching. Check out Lucky Bay to see the large kangaroo colony.

A Kangaroo warning sign in Australia

Melbourne to Albury

When taking this route, spice up the drive by threading your way along the Maroondah Highway and Black Spur. You’ll be treated to some fantastic scenery through rain forests and on the Scenic Road from Alexander to Eildon where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the sweeping landscape below where valleys, forests, and hills reach out across the horizon. Extend your road trip by driving through such places as Marysville, home to the tallest tree in Victoria. This beautiful Mountain Ash once stood 92 meters (301 feet) tall. Due to a windstorm in 1959, its height was reduced to 84 meters (275 feet). There’s much to see on your way to Albury and the best way to see the sights is to take a winding path to get there.

Cairns to Cape York

Take your four-wheel-drive for this awesome trip in Far North Queensland Australia if you want the full experience of what this route has to offer. Go off the beaten path through the Daintree and Cape Tribulations rainforests where they meet the Great Barrier Reef. There’s just no way to describe the beauty of this captivating place that is nothing short of paradise. Take a guided tour to see this amazing eco-system up close and personal. Once you arrive at Cape York, you’ll once again be captivated by nature’s stark and rugged beauty. It is home to many Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. The scenery is spectacular and there are many things to do from horseback riding to helicopter tours.

Start packing and take a road trip to almost anywhere in Australia and you won’t be disappointed. Take your time and never take the shortest route. On this beautiful continent you don’t want to miss a thing.

This guest post was written by Ross who is a freelance travel blogger and writes at and currently lives in Australia.

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  1. Psssstt! It’s Cairns! No “e”!
    Also on that drive, you can take in Port Douglas and Palm Cove.

    You can also see the home of Ned Kelly on the way to Albury, if you map that way. Worth a stop for the bakery alone!

    • Embarrassingly I should have noticed that spelling mistake – still, I’ll blame the guest poster! Haha. Great tips, Tash.

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