Skipper Your own Sailing Holiday

Skipper Your own Sailing Holiday

Do you want to rent a yacht in some of the world’s most popular yacht charter destinations? In that case, you will surely benefit from a skipper’s license.

In many top yacht charter destinations, you will require some kind of a license imposed by the local law – in the main cruising grounds of Croatia a VHF Licence is also necessary . This would allow you to take your boat to sail, and you’ll be free to roam where ever you choose.

Sailing through 1000s of Islets of Croatia

There are different rules for different yacht charter destinations. Some make things simpler by accepting licenses by organizations elsewhere. For example, thinking of Croatia, you immediately come to terms with 1000s of small islands and islets spread across the coastal line. This is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, especially for week-long vacations. It combines the warm summer with brilliant sea colors throughout the trip.

  • The skippers would have to be at least 18 years old in Croatia.
  • There are three license providers, ICC, RYA, and IPC that are valid in this country.
  • There is additional information on licenses offered by the local government or state such as the license-B category and C-category.

Moreover, these skippers’ licenses are obligatory to have a VHF Radio Operator license as well.

In Greece, We have Over 3000 Small Islands

The country of Greece is perfect for naive sailors as well as for family trips. You can find it easy with the smooth breeze, warm climate and short distances between the islands. This makes it easy to navigate and also easy to seek and get help in case of an emergency. However, sometimes they can be quite big and Meltemi winds should also be given proper caution. In order to charter a yacht in Greece, it is mandatory to have a skipper license. Plus, you need to have an additional experienced crew onboard. And, both must be above 18 years old too.

  • Greece allows IPC, with ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising Course, and ICC licensing authorities.
  • Since 2018, Greece port authorities are not accepting ‘RYA Day Skippers License’ as it is not comprehensive enough.
  • Then, there are those issued by the govt. of states like those of France’s Le Permis Plaisance and UK and US ones too.

This is also one of the most sought after destinations for holidays. Especially long ones where you spend a week and so on board amidst the waves.

With different types of licenses, the barebones are good for you. If you’re experiencing sailor, it helps sailing alone. In most of these places, you can find solo yacht charter, luxury yacht charter and many more types for your taste. Though, the prices may vary based on different factors and mostly from one port to another. In the Mediterranean and Baltic, you will find many more.

Before you leave, check out these highlights of a Croatian sailing trip that I went on.

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