The Cheatles live in Liverpool

Travelling is all about moments like this one. Having wandered down to the Liverpool docks I was struck by a familiar sound, one synonymous with the very city that I was in. The Beatles.

But it wasn’t just the radio. Oh no, it sounded far too raw for that. On a whim, I followed the noise and what I found immediately caused a smile to break out across my face.

It was a Beatles cover band.

Beatles cover band The Cheatles perform to a pub in LiverpoolSometimes lady luck really smiles on a traveller, my friend. This was one of those times. Not only did I happen to stumble upon the delightfully-named Beatles cover band “The Cheatles” early into their set but it was free entry into the pub they were performing at.

Six or seven songs and two or three beers later the band left the stage – promising that they’d be back again for a set that evening.

And I made sure I was there for that set, too. (And no, I did not stay in the pub that whole time.)

The Cheatles mid-set in a Liverpool bar

Ask just about anyone on the planet what Liverpool is most famous for and, surely, nine times out of ten, they’ll say The Beatles.

You can imagine, then, what a treat it was – in the spiritual home of the Fab Four – to see a not-so fab four grown men in mop-top wigs perform some lively covers in front of a crowd made up mostly of middle-aged tourists.

Being something of a travel completist, I’m never satisfied until I’ve seen the requisite landmarks, taken the photos, tried the local beer and eaten the food.

Whether it’s trekking across Naples to find the best pizza in the world or tearing my eyes out after going to see a naughty show in Amsterdam, I feel like I have to make every journey count.

I can honestly say that seeing The Cheatles perform in a pub at Liverpool’s Albert Dock was at least equal to all of the aforementioned experiences and far less disgusting than the show in Amsterdam.


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