The Hidden Highlights of the Douro River

The Hidden Highlights of the Douro River

Planning a unique and special vacation? A cruise along the stunning Douro River is a wonderful idea as this shows you the outstanding beauty of Portugal and there are a handful of amazing highlights along the way. The Douro River is often regarded as the most underrated river in all of Europe, so a cruise along the river is sure to be a valuable experience. Here are a few of the major highlights…

Porto & Vila Nova de Gaia

Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia straddle the Douro River with the latter being a breathtaking sight to behold with stone-built wineries and the riverfront featuring a wide range of attractive restaurants and a stylish promenade.  Porto, meanwhile, is a highly stylish and cultural city thanks to heavy investment in recent times but it still retains its old charm with a baroque church tower and ceramic tiled churches.

Museu do Douro

The Douro region is a World Heritage Site and one of the oldest wine regions in the world which means that it has a fascinating history. This can be uncovered at the Museu do Douro which is a stylish modern museum that focuses on the wine culture and history of the region – a must for any wine lover!

Parque Natural do Douro Internacional

This glorious natural park functions as the border between Portugal and Spain and is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The region benefits from a wide range of flora and fauna and is home to a wide range of animal species, including over 170 different species of bird.

Quinta do Panascal

This vineyard is one of the most prominent wine producers in the region and a great place to explore and sample a glass or two if the produce. Guests can enjoy a self-guided tour of the beautiful vineyard, taste a variety of wines in the visitor’s room  and see how the wines are made.

These are just a few of the highlights that you can enjoy on a cruise along the Douro River but there are many more and you can even carry on into Spain and see the highlights here. For the best experience, you should always book your cruise with specialists like VJV which will take you to all of the key sights along the way but also have the best facilities for a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable trip.

The Douro River takes you through one of the most beautiful parts of Europe and past a number of important and interesting landmarks. A cruise is a terrific way to explore this historic region and it is something that any wine lover will adore. It can be a peaceful, tranquil and relaxing experience but you also get to learn a lot and experience new things.

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