The Newest Watch Models from Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer and Connected Modular Series

The Newest Watch Models from Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer and Connected Modular Series

Tag Heuer became a renowned watchmaking company shortly after its foundation in the ‘80s. This brand has produced the most popular collections in the industry today, from racing watches to diving ones. This article will be focusing on the six newest models from some of Tag Heuer’s most well-known series, the Aquaracer and Connected Modular.

Tag Heuer’s Aquaracer Watch Collection

The CAK2111.BA0833

The Tag Heuer CAK2111.BA0833 is one of the most expensive Aquaracer watches in the market this year. It has an original market retail price of $4,450, but if you order it on the Watchshopping website, you get to save up to 3%, giving you an offer of only $3,099. This timepiece measures 43 millimeters in diameter, which is suitable for any man’s wrist.

This Aquaracer model is one of the best waterproof timepieces on the list, coming with a reliable 500 meters of water resistance. It also has an automatic liber with a power reserve that can last for up to 42 hours. Plus, this timepiece’s stunning black dial incorporates a sapphire crystal front cover, fitted in a stainless steel casing.

The WAY201N.FT6177

Another stunning men’s watch from the Aquaracer series with excellent water resistance is the Tag Heuer WAY201N.FT6177. It can resist water for up to 300 meters with its stainless steel casing comes with a solid back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal front cover, and rubber straps.

This timepiece’s dial comes with brushed finishes, a beautiful bezel, luminous steel hands, stick-type indexes, and a small date display at the 3 o’clock position. Besides the sophisticated outside looks, it also boasts its self-winding caliber with precise movements and 38 hours of power reserve. You can purchase this automatic timepiece on Watchshopping for $2,549.

The WAY2018.BA0927

The last Aquaracer model on the list is the one-of-a-kind Tag Heuer WAY2018.BA0927. It incorporates a striped brown dial with luminous silver-toned hands, index-type hour markers, and a date window at the 3 o’clock position. This watch’s casing and bracelet are made from high-quality stainless steel.

On the other hand, this Tag Heuer men’s watch offers many satisfying features like 300 meters of water resistance, 38 hours of power reserve, and automatic caliber movements. You get to enjoy a discounted price if you buy this timepiece on the Watchshopping website, costing $1,879, 20% cheaper than the original market retail price of $2,350.

Tag Heuer’s Connected Modular Watch Collection

The SBG8A80.BT6221

The Tag Heuer SBG8A0.BT6221 from the Connected Modular series is number one on the list when it comes to aesthetics. It comes with a sophisticated black dial with rose gold-tone hands and indexes, all protected by a sapphire crystal front cover. This timepiece also incorporates digital sub-dials that indicate the weather, heart rate, and steps made.

Besides the off-the-chart aesthetics, this men’s watch also has excellent inside features. It is resistant to water for up to 50 meters and equips a reliable quartz-type caliber with precise and accurate movements. This timepiece is available on the Watchshopping website for a price of $2,399.

The SAR2A80.FT6049

Another stunning watch from Tag Heuer’s Connected Modular series is the SAR2A80.FT.6049. It comes in a 46 mm titanium casing matched with rubber bands and an attractive black dial that displays luminous silver-toned hands and indexes. This timepiece is also protected by a sapphire crystal front cover, making it resistant to water for up to 100 meters.

This Connected modular men’s watch also offers the automatic Tag Heuer Caliber 5 that comes with precise self-winding mechanical movements. It is available on Watchshopping for $1,949, 17% cheaper than its actual market retail price of $2,350.

The SBG8A11.BA0646

If you like the combination of silver and blue design, then the Tag Heuer SBG8A11.BA0646 is for you. It boasts its stunning blue digital dial fitted in a stainless steel casing with a sapphire crystal front cover. The dial also incorporates an AMOLED touch screen display.

Besides the stunning outside looks, this watch also offers 0 meters of water resistance and precise quartz-type caliber movements. It measures 45 millimeters in diameter, a perfect size for a gentleman’s wrist. Plus, this timepiece is available for a discounted price of $1,899 on the Watchshopping website.


Tag Heuer sports watches became popular in the world of racers and divers. Features like the precision of caliber movements, the elegance of aesthetic designs, and resistance to extreme adventures make these timepieces adored by most people. So, if you are looking forward to buying one of these watch models online, Watchshopping is always available.

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