Top 5 Spooky Places in Europe

Top 5 Spooky Places in Europe

While many of us dream of taking a long vacation so that we can see all of the ancient cities, beautiful beaches and unique attractions there are those who are in search of something a little bit off the beaten path… Perhaps even something a little more morbid.

For all the thrill seekers out there we’ve prepared a selection of the spookiest travel destinations in Europe you can visit this holiday! Don’t worry about the price of the tickets or the accommodation right now – that’s what Expedia is for. For now, just read on and learn more about Europe’s spooky places.

5. Sicily’s Catacombs 

These catacombs were created roughly 400 years ago when the monks of the Capuchin monastery no longer had enough space in their cemetery. Silvestro was the first monk to be buried there and was mummified for reasons that are still not entirely clear. Today, there are over 8,000 people buried in these catacombs and visitors can compare the condition of each body if they so choose. Some have completely decayed, while others continue to look very much alive.

4. The SS America 

Located in the Canary Islands of Spain, The SS America got its start as a cruise vessel and navy ship. While the ship was considered state of the art when it was built during the 1930s, it eventually fell into a state of disrepair and was sold to a company from Thailand, who had planned to perform the necessary renovations. The ship was then caught in a thunderstorm and visitors can now trek to Spain to take a closer look at the eerie remains.

3. City of the Dead

Ossetia, Russia is the setting for this uniquely spooky experience. At first, it looks like a mere jumble of buildings on a western Russia hillside. However, what appears to be a regular village is actually a collection of tombs! The tombs are also outfitted with the family’s personal possessions and clothing, to add a further element of creepiness to the proceedings.

2. Pripyat, Ukraine 

This town is located close to the Belarus border and has achieved a certain level of infamy. It is the site of the single worst nuclear disaster to ever occur during peacetime and for those who are in search of the spookiest places in Europe, it does not get much spookier than the site of the Chernobyl power plant. Pripyat is arguably the creepiest ghost town that you will ever lay eyes on, a real treat for the ghoul of the group.

1. Transylvania, Romania 

What list of the top spooky places in Europe would be complete without Transylvania? The area is most commonly associated with vampires and visitors who wish to know more should visit Bran Castle. While the Dracula that we know and love today was a fictional creation, his story is based on the tale of the House of Draculesti, the ancient ruling family of Transylvanian. Their leader, Vlad III, once killed 20,000 of his own people, just to save his kingdom.

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