Top 5 travel accessories any explorer should have

If you’re looking to travel the world in style, try out these stylish yet function travel accessories that will take your explorer game to the next level!

5 Stylish Accessories That Will up Your Travel Game

How much did you spend on your last vacation? In the US alone, around 2.8 billion dollars are spent by travelers each day!

If those numbers sound scary, there are ways to keep unneeded spending in check. The main tip? Simple preparation.

Did you ever realize you forgot headphones or a neck pillow and spent double or triple while in an airport? Maybe you find yourself without a quality water bottle while on a hike.

Are you eager to gear up for your next adventure? To ensure you have a great time, check out these top five travel accessories any explorer should have!

1. Hydration first

We need water to survive and thrive. Our bodies are in fact, about 60% water. Whether you are taking a relaxing trip to southern France or hiking the Colorado Mountains, you should have a water bottle that will withstand the trip.

One reusable water lets you avoid carry bulky plastic bottles and is much better for the environment.

If you are going to be hiking for a few days at a time, it may also be a good idea to invest in a water bottle or gadget that can filter and purify water. You can find one here:

2. Back pillow

Regardless of where you are heading, it’s almost inevitable that you will be either sitting on a plane, on a train, or in a car.

Anyone who has done this even once, knows that sitting for hours at a time can lead to back pain.

One way to prevent this and ensure you feel good when reaching your destination is to invest in a back support pillow or lumbar pillow.

3. Messenger bag

Bags and totes are key while traveling. You want to keep your items safe and secure, but you also want to be stylish.

One way to meet these needs is a messenger bag. There are models out there that are made up cut-proof material. This is handy if you are visiting large cities that may have a pick-pocket issue.

Some bags even have pockets that are RFID blocking. This prevents someone from stealing your credit card information by just brushing up against you. And if you really want to be thorough in protecting your credit card info, you should also consider a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your internet activity when using public wifi – here’s a beginner’s guide if you’re not familiar with what they do.

4. Harness the sun’s energy

We are a plugged in society. Even if you are taking a detox from email and Facebook, many things like GPS still require electricity.

If you are heading into the wilderness, consider a charging station that uses the sun!

There are many other gadgets for men like this that can take your next trip to the next level.

5. Pack like a pro

Traveling for an adventure is exciting, but figuring out how to fit all your items can be challenging!

If your suitcase is just a little too full, check out packing cubes. These little cloth or mesh cubes help keep you organized and compress your clothes so you can fit even more!

Now gear up and leave for your next adventure!

We hope you have found these travel accessories exciting! As you can see, no matter where you are jetting off to, preparing with some cool gadgets is a smart idea!

Are you in the process of planning your next adventure and looking for some inspiration? Consider checking out one of these places inspired by famous books!

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