Top 8 Places to Visit Post Pandemic

After the pandemic, people were stuck at home keeping their wanderlust dynamic by browsing the internet for places they will visit once the pandemic is over and when things return to normal. Travel searches even increased when the news of the possible COVID-19 vaccine broke. This means that people cannot wait to travel to big cities across the world again.

Top 8 Places to Visit Post Pandemic

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Best Post-Pandemic Destinations

1.   Georgia

Georgia is a small country situated in the Caucasus region in eastern Europe. The rates of Coronavirus infections in this country were minimal, and the local government provided an effective response. This makes it a country in Europe with the least number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus. Georgia has many beautiful mountains and a lot of rocky coastlines, and the best cuisine globally.

Georgia is a sight to see, its ancient culture and history can give you the context for nearly all the mountains and the hills in the country. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have recommended Georgia as one of the safest post-pandemic travel destinations.

2.   Canada

Canada should be on the list as one of your next vacations. Canada can deliver everything you might look for, no matter if you are traveling for business or just leisure. Nature is stunning, and some specific types of wildlife can only be seen in Canada. You might be surprised to know that Canada has the longest coastline in the world. There is a lot of water in Canada than anywhere else in the world, this translates to the long coastline. Regardless of which place or province you want to visit, you won’t miss or even be far from a primeval lake or a constantly-changing wave. However, to transit through Canada, you will need to fill an eta Canada application form

3.   Bhutan

A vacation to Asia cannot be complete without visiting the Bhutan region. Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan kingdom overflowing with religious, historical, and attraction sites filled with adventure. The country ensures that there is a specific number of visas assigned every year. This is a powerful sustainable tourism strategy that guarantees a delightfully authentic and a much desirable travel experience.

Bhutan is also known as the actual Shangri La. It is the only country in the world that is carbon negative. This kingdom is almost becoming the first nation to go fully organic. The perfect time to visit Bhutan is October to December as the air tends to be clean, fresh and the sky is blue. This is important, especially when you want to travel to places like Thimphu, Wang due, Paro, and Punakha.

4.   Italy

Italy might have suffered a big hit during the first period of the Coronavirus pandemic; however, it is interesting how many people have searched Italy as their desired travel destination. As a result of the strict lockdown, Italy managed to control the viral spread by the time it was summer. Italy is restricted to travelers outside Europe. But tourists from anywhere in the Schengen area and some adjacent countries are welcomed.

Italy has an ancient history and culture everywhere. The museums in Italy hold some of the world’s ancient and greatest works of art, by the most renowned artists. The Italian cities are all beautiful. Traveling to Italy allows you to experience their authentic cuisines. If you are a fan of pasta, there are many fresh markets and native villas almost everywhere. The parmesan cheeses might not be your favorite, but wait until you try it in Italy.

Besides that, Italy is the world’s famous wine region. The Italian wine is superbly balanced and can go very well with food, especially pasta.

5.   Northern Macedonia

Did you know that Northern Macedonia is the only country that gained its independence without shading a droplet of blood? North Macedonia might be new to the eyes of the contemporary world, but it has quite a history. Initially known as Macedonia, Northern Macedonia has a mystery that makes it a fascinating destination to explore.

This region is filled with attractive mountains, lakes, and a lot of adventurous opportunities. The tourism infrastructure in North Macedonia might be rare, but the natives are very friendly and are always ready to offer the needed assistance.

6.   Maldives

This region might be the world’s most desired and tranquil tropical travel destination. People are getting more aware of this mid-oceanic-paradise. The Maldives is commonly known for its sparkling waters with the pretty shades of blue, crystalline white sand under the blue skies, and swaying palm trees. The perfect weather in the Maldives makes it the best tropical destination and a dream of luxury and peace.

Every resort in the Maldives is a private reserve established on an individual island, offering its occupants total peace. The Maldives boasts an amazing variety of marine life, and it is considered one of the top snorkeling regions in the world. Unlike most other tourist destinations, Maldives has already opened its borders to travelers, including from the U.S.

7.   Spain

Spain is another country that was negatively affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. This country has restricted travelers from the United States to enter the country. However, they have opened their borders to travelers from countries that are members of the European Union. Spain has stunning scenery with theatrical, impressive mountains and countless sparkling beaches. Traveling to Spain also allows you to try out their mouth-watering dishes. Many small restaurants offer traditional Spanish foods like paella, seafood stew, and chorizo, made with gorgeous family methods. Also, the lively cities in Spain offer lively tapas bars and Michelin-starred eateries.

8.   Turkey

Turkey profits from having the gorgeous Mediterranean climate and prides itself on the remarkable Aegean coastline. Turkey also offers superb traditional cuisine together with its traditional tea and coffee. There are many cultural and archaeological heritage sites that go back to 25,000 years of human civilization and habitation under this country’s belt.

The Bottom Line

The new coronavirus vaccine has given people the chance to travel the world after the pandemic. Traveling to various countries will be different after the pandemic. The availability of the COVID-19 vaccines doesn’t mean that the pandemic is over. Therefore, the Coronavirus safety guidelines must be followed.

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