Top 8 Tips for A Stress-Free International Move

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Moving to a new country will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life.

A new country gives you new opportunities, new people, and a fresh perspective on living. Whether you are moving abroad to study or have the work opportunity of a lifetime careerwise – the thought of moving all that way can be overwhelming.

An international move does require forethought, logistics, and plenty of planning, but the process can be manageable if you follow these eight tips below:

Set A Budget

Everyone knows that moving is not a cheap thing to do – even if it is just to a new neighborhood.

The costs of moving abroad are significantly higher – you can work on around ten times the cost of moving locally if not more. Global moves include house deposits, transportation, shipping, international insurance, and visa documents.

All those costs can increase exponentially with exchange rates, depending on where you are moving from and where you are moving to. Before moving, work out how much your monthly budget will likely be in the new country, and then save around six times that budget before you go.

Check Your Documentation

Depending on your country of origin, you may need to apply for a visa to enter and work in a new country. The only way to apply for a visa is with a valid passport. Different countries have varying visa requirements, including documentation from your home country.

Check out the visa requirements of your selected country and start the process early to get the documents that you will need. Consult a professional if you do not know what you will need to apply for.

Search For Housing

One of the biggest unanswered questions that you likely have concerns about is where you will live.

You must work out what your budget is before you can even attempt to look for housing solutions that will fit your needs. House hunting abroad is not easy and there are multiple factors to consider including cost, location, and size.

A rental home is often the most cost-effective and realistic option when moving to a new country. That will give you time to settle down in the new country and decide where you would like to buy a house if that is an option for you.

There are plenty of experienced real estate agents who can help you find something perfect; it will just take money and time.

Get Health Insurance

As you prepare for your move to a new country, there is another essential checklist to consider – health insurance. 

Get a full physical done before you move to a new country and get fresh blood work done. Speak to your doctor regarding any recommendations for screenings before you go and get your prescriptions renewed.

Healthcare costs for routine visits in your new country may be cheaper than you are used to, but they could also be devastatingly higher for more significant health concerns. Compare international health insurance options to make sure you are getting what your family needs. 

Chat To Your Family

If you are not moving overseas alone, you need to have regular chats with your partner and kids leading up to the move. Apart from getting them prepared for living in a new country, having regular family chats can help to keep everyone on the same page.

You must consider their future in the new country and what opportunities they will have. Do research on schooling options for your children and employment opportunities for your partner before committing to the move.

Only Take the Essentials

Reduce the costs of an international move by only packing the essentials.

Packing lightly is the way to go – take your most precious belongings and sentimental things but everything else behind if you can. Go through your possessions months before the move and get rid of anything that you do not need to take with you.

Host a garage sale to help with your moving fund or donate the items to a nearby charity instead. 

Material things are just that. What is important is family and your pets, so take those and build a new life together on the other side.

Learn The Language

If you are moving from the United States, you are in luck. Over 800 million people speak English across the globe, with an additional 700 million people who have learned it as another language.

Learning a new language can be a helpful way to understand a culture, show respect, and allow you to communicate freely with the locals. Do not be afraid to make mistakes along the way, most people will appreciate the effort and will help to correct you.

Research Moving Companies

Choosing a moving company can be confusing, especially when all claim to be the best.

You must find a reputable company to ensure your goods arrive safely and in one piece. Hire an established global moving company to provide the right services tailored to your needs.

To End

Follow the above eight tips so your move to a new country can go down without a hitch – and you can hit the ground running right after arriving. 

Good luck to you and your family for your next beautiful chapter!

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