Visiting Orlando For The First Time – What You Need to Know

Orlando may have been a destination that you have been wanting to visit for a short while, or it may have been something that has been on your bucket list for years. Taking the leap and booking your Orlando vacation will be one of the best decisions you make and surely one that will create memories that last for years. Now, when you are visiting Orlando for the first time, what do you need to look out for, and what do you need to consider?

Visiting Orlando For The First Time - What You Need to Know

More than Just Disney Parks

There is always a lot of hype and excitement around Orlando, and quite rightly so, as this is a destination that offers lots to its visitors. Orlando has gained a reputation for its theme parks, in particular, Disney and Universal parks and attractions. However, it is important to realize that there is more to Orlando’s reputation and identity. When you look past the theme parks (as fun as they are), you see a multicultural location. A location that is great for travelers of all ages and a hotspot for fun, adventure, and exploration. When you see past the theme parks, you can start discovering what Orlando is all about and just what it can add to you and your vacation.

A Great Nightlife

Your days will be busy enough, but what about when the sun sets? What are you looking to do, and what are you hoping to see? If you are looking for great nightlife that offers enough to keep you busy for months, then you are in the right place. Whether you are looking at heading downtown for a drink and dance, or you are making a beeline for an International drive, it is important to remember that Orlando offers great nightlife. All year-round, you will find there is always something going on. Orlando has a great nightlife for adults of all ages, and whether you are a comedy lover or if you are just after dancing the night away – you will be able to find your place and your people.

A Good Climate All Year

Yes, there is a hurricane season in Orlando, and yes, it can rain pretty heavily. It can even be subjected to hail stones at times! But, when all is said and done, you must remember that most of the time, you can expect high temperatures coupled with beautiful sunshine. You may not think that a location’s climate is overly important. However, it is because it aids exploration. It also ensures that your plans don’t get ruined or cast aside – due to poor weather. The good climate all year also means that Orlando can be visited and enjoyed at any time of the year. This would mean a quick vacation is possible to help you ring in the New Year. Or, it could mean that the extra-long summer vacation you need to re-energize is within your grasp. A good climate means that you can visit and expect comfortable temperatures and sunshine for most of the year.

A Truly International State

There are not many places that you can visit for a vacation or trip that are as versatile and international as Orlando is. From arts and cultural events all the way through to LGBTQ+ events and get-togethers, there is something for everyone, and this gives Orlando a fantastic feel and atmosphere. Welcoming to all, you will struggle to fit in everything you want to do – as there is so much on offer. This welcoming and inclusive state will leave you feeling like you can return anytime. You will find that outside the tourist hotspots and theme parks. The locals are just as welcoming, polite, and friendly as you hoped they would be. This welcoming vibe naturally provides a fantastic environment for everyone, and it will certainly help you make the most out of your vacation or trip- no matter the duration.

Visiting Orlando For The First Time - What You Need to Know

Source: Instagram, Posted May 20th, 2022, Westgate Resorts Offical Profile

Awesome Resorts to Stay In

To make the most of Orlando, you want to stay in a resort that provides everything that you need. Simply staying in a hotel is not going to be good enough. You are going to feel too restricted by a hotel, so you need to look for something more, something better!. When you stay in a resort, you get the chance to explore Orlando at your own pace. You get the chance to be as active as you want on one day and as lazy around the pool the next (if you wish to). When you stay in an awesome resort, you also get to have the added security of having facilities and amenities within touching distance. When you are comparing resorts, you need to manage your expectations, manage your needs and requirements, and of course, find one of the best places Orlando has to offer in terms of resorts and accommodation – no matter the duration of your stay. When you stay in a great resort, you will find all areas of Orlando are so much easier to explore.

Visiting Orlando For The First Time - What You Need to Know

Source: Lynx homepage, June 2022

Great Transport Links

Traveling by bus and planning your route has never been easier

Getting around Orlando is easy as there is access to great transport links. If you don’t want to drive, you don’t need to, as everything can be accessed. From hiring a car through Uber to car sharing or using the public buses, you will find that nowhere is off-limits. Great transport links are reasonable in price, and they are easily available, which is great for when you need that extra bit of flexibility. When you are planning how you will get out and about, you may find it useful to compare routes and plan what routes you will take, when, and where. At Lynx, you can plan which bus routes you want to take, and you can download schedules to make planning your whole trip a little easier.

Shop Until You Drop

Once you have taken in all of the multicultural events, sights, and surroundings that you want to, it is then time to hits the shops and shop until you drop. Treating yourself to new clothes from top designers or getting some new clothes from the Gap Outlet is easy to do in Orlando, and it is convenient too. From the Florida mall to the Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores & Outlet Shopping, right on through to the independent stores and boutiques, you will find Orlando has something for all budgets and all tastes. Shopping can be cheap, and you can get access to even more discounts by getting hold of something such as the Go Orlando Card. When you are shopping, it is important to remember that you may have additional taxes to pay. These taxes may be paid at the checkout, or they may be paid if you leave the states.

Excellent Golf Courses

If you are looking at relaxing and unwinding by partaking in a round or two of golf, then you are in the right place. Orlando can offer numerous golf courses that are suitable for all abilities and budgets. From playing 18 holes at the Mystic Dunes Golf Club to playing 9 holes at Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course, you can be certain that there is a course for all abilities. Relaxing and having a day playing golf in the beautiful open air can be exhilarating, and on the odd occasion, you might get to experience the wildlife that roams the Orlando swamps and riverbanks, including herons and gators – so keep your eyes peeled when you are playing.

Beautiful Beaches in Florida

If you are not a fan of golf, or if you are done with shopping, then why not head to one of the many beaches located in Florida just a short distance away from Orlando. From Daytona beach through to Cocoa beach, the crystal waters and clean, pristine beaches offer something for all visitors. Being able to soak up the sun on a beautiful beach that is just within reach of Orlando gives you even more opportunities to make the most of your trip or vacation. Spending a day relaxing and rejuvenating, playing volleyball with newly made friends, or simply watching the sunset can help you see a new side of the Orlando area.

Spending Money

From travel expenses to food and drink, it is important that you carry enough spending money. If you are traveling solo, you may wish to budget around $100+ for everything you need (excluding accommodation). If you are traveling as a family, obviously this figure will increase. Orlando can be an affordable place to visit – even as a family, and there are lots of places (including bars and restaurants) that still offer great value for money. Carrying a bit of extra cash is always beneficial, too. This is because you never know when you may need it or when an emergency may arise. Tipping in Orlando is expected, and it is normal (as it is all over the States), so be sure to tip when you have a meal or drink.

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