What are the best RV generator brands?

What are the best RV Generator Brands?

Camping is a fun adventure. However, it requires extensive preparations. Preparing for a trip is not easy since there are a lot of things you have to consider. Ample preparation means staying away from the possibility of encountering accidents.

Getting ready for camping means preparing food and hygienic supplies, inspecting your RV, and reaching out to your destination’s Visitor Center. While there are many things to consider to experience successful and fun-filled camping, this article shall focus on the best RV generator brands on the market and their importance.

What is an RV generator?

Recreational vehicle generators play a crucial role in your camping journey. It is one of the essential parts you must inspect before going on a trip. RV generator functions to provide you the comfort by being an energy source for your trailer and other onboard appliances.

The RV generator serves two primary functions. Firstly, it can be utilized as a direct plug-in for 120v AC power outlets where you can plug your onboard appliances such as microwave, toasters, and hair dryers. Secondly, it functions to store energy within the vehicle’s house battery.

The size of the generator you shall choose is based on the number of your appliances.

Types of RV generators

Having established that RV generators are essential for a comfortable camping experience, the device has three types. These include diesel-powered, propane-powered, and gas-powered.

Diesel-powered generator

Diesel emits a higher volume of energy, which makes diesel-powered generators better than propane-powered ones. Diesel-powered generators have cleanser burning ability compared to gas-powered energy bank.

If your RV runs with diesel, this type of generator is ultimately suitable for you. It helps you save time and space for propellant material since you use a single source for both the vehicle and the generator.

Propane-powered generator

A propane-powered generator is a cost-efficient and environment-friendly investment. Its propellant mad material source is propane, which then turns to electricity. With cleaner emissions, the product attracts numerous RV enthusiasts. Furthermore, it has a low noise level.

Gas-powered generator

The propellant for this type of generator can be found almost everywhere. For as long as there is a gasoline station on-site, you are good to go. The gas-powered generator is one of the easy-to-use types of energy banks. It is also budget-friendly.

Top-rated generator brands

RV Camping offers an extensive review of generator products. These include brands such as Honda, Westinghouse, and Champion Power Equipment.

Honda Eu2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator

The Honda Eu2200i 2200-W Inverter Generator is renowned as the best overall RV generator. With its manufacturer and performance level, the device attracts numerous RV owners. Its eco-throttle system makes it fuel-efficient; the product’s noise level is low.

The generator runs for four to almost ten hours using a single tank. It weighs 40 pounds with dimensions of 16 x 20 x 11 inches. It may be a little pricey, but the product is portable and easy-to-use.

Westinghouse WGen3600DF

The Westinghouse WGen3600DF is famous for being the best value RV generator. The dual-fuel feature of the product lets the owner utilize either propane or gas. Also, the push-button feature allows you to start the device with a single push instantly; the product’s noise level is low.

The generator running time with 50% load is 13.5 hours. It weighs 109 pounds with dimensions of 23.3 x 22.8 x 21.3 inches. The product is also famous for its power result level capacity.

Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator

The Champion 3100-watt Portable Inverter Generator’s cold start capacity makes it function swiftly in extreme cold weather conditions. With a 0.6L oil capacity, the product is nature-friendly since it utilizes clean energy. It is also renowned for its low level of noise.

The generator weighs 94.8 pounds with dimensions of 22.4 x 17.3 x 18.3 inches. The product is portable and easy-to-install.

These are a few of the many generators you can choose from. Other notable RV generator brands include DuroMax, DuroStar, and WEN.


There are many great reasons to experience RV camping, even though it requires massive preparation. With this preparation comes the act of investing in the right generator that will perfectly suit your needs.

Before purchasing a generator, the factors to consider are knowing the power output and portability, considering the noise level, and examining the fuel consumption and overall construction. After thorough scrutiny, you are now all set to make a worthy investment.

With enough knowledge and expertise, we know that you will be able to experience fun-filled and stress-free camping.

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