Why a Winter UK Staycation Is the Holiday for You

Holidaying in winter doesn’t have to be anything less than awesome. In fact, it can be a lot more magical than a summer holiday where the temperatures start to reach uncomfortable and you don’t feel like doing much except sitting on the beach or around the pool in an effort to stay cool.

While you might need a few extra layers for a winter break, there are plenty of reasons you should grab the extra thick coat and book yourself on a winter staycation before the year is out…

Get Cosy In A New Location

There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa on a silent winter night, enjoying a good book or a heartfelt movie with a tasty, warming mug of chocolate or spiced coffee, the fireplace is on and you don’t have to go anywhere. This is made that-much-better when you are somewhere cosy and comfortable away from home, it eases your mind away from your to-do list and stops you looking around the room or home trying to find something to do.

Does it count as a “staycation” if you go away in a motorhome? Yes, it does. If you don’t have your own motorhome, don’t worry. Simply look up private motorhome hire. If you’ve got a large family, or you want to travel with a larger group, find a holiday home that provides you home-away-from-home facilities including a kitchen and spend your break relaxing with your special other or friends.

Alternatively, if you are looking for somewhere suitable for the whole family, find a caravan holiday park nearby.

Autumn/Winter Decor

You can’t deny that autumn/fall brings some of the best seasonal colours, from the ever changing greens, browns, reds, yellows and ambers of the falling tree leaves to the rich purples, blues and pinks that accompany the warm setting sun. Providing spectacular backdrops for your joyful holiday snaps and plenty of inspiration for the creative holiday-goers. It is one of the best seasons for a family scavenger hunt and there are plenty of autumn/winter themed crafts that make use of colourful leaves and rustic sticks, not to mention the ever enjoyable pumpkin carving season!

Why a Winter UK Staycation Is the Holiday for You

Take a Well Deserved Break

At this time of year, your spring/summer holiday is likely a distant memory and you are starting to feel sluggish and tired and have a much lower level of productivity. Don’t hold out until Christmas (and potentially risk burning out) treat yourself to a refreshing autumn/winter break to rejuvenate your mojo and replenish your energy levels. Spend the time making the most of the diminishing winter sunlight before the days reach their shortest and get a head of seasonal affective disorder and the low moods it can bring. Christmas can be a time of plenty of emotion and lots of organisation, prepare yourself now and get the break you deserve before the festive season is in full swing.

Winter Festivities and Activities

Summer encourages exploration and enjoying the great outdoors, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything going on during the autumn/winter months. Traditionally the autumn harvest was one of the largest in the year so there are normally plenty of harvest festivals to visit, alongside the beautiful German styled winter markets that start to pop up in November. Keep an eye out for Christmas lights switch-on events too, taking place in towns and cities all over the UK, turning on the Christmas lights is always a festive event with music, delicious food, sweet treats and often a celebrity visitor or two!

The autumn/winter months don’t mean your holidays or short breaks must come to an end, they just get better! Reward yourself for working hard this year and treat you and your loved ones to a winter break before the festive season takes over. There are plenty of wonderful places in the UK to explore and easy to reach off the main travel routes. Find your new favourite holiday location this winter or travel to an old summer holiday destination to experience it in an entirely different light, the choice is yours!

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