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Travel souvenir postcardsA recent blog post here at Man vs World sparked a bit of lively banter about what kind of souvenirs travellers pick up on their travels.

As I’ve said before, the only proper souvenir I have from nearly five years of travel is an “evil eye” from Turkey – besides hundreds of photos, travel stories and new mates, of course.

I asked YOU on Twitter and on the comments section of that blog post what souvenirs you had picked up on your travels and what was your favourite.

These were my favourite responses…

@AyKate: “My souvenirs are keychains, Universal Studios globe, London phone booth, Paris Eiffel Tower”

@ThatGeordieGirl: “I keep a couple of bank notes from each country I visit. My fave is this $10 bill from Zimbabwe”

$10 note from Zimbabwe@thearcticnomad: “I don’t tend to buy much souvenirs when traveling, they just weigh too much and I don’t want the extra stuff. During whole last year of traveling I bought pendant from Easter Island (which I do wear) and a nice set of Buddhist prayer beads from Hong Kong”

Collecting fridge magnets proved very popular…

@jouljet: “I started the trend in my family that we try and buy a tacky, ugly, sticky-outy fridge magnet for our Mum at every place we go too – she thought it was lovely when it first started, but once my sisters and I travelled more and more, she now had a ridiculously full double fridge surface with some of the hideous things you can imagine!”

@BAbackpacker: “I was just in Istanbul and had to get a key chain with the evil eye on it. As for souvenirs I am a magnet collector. I can’t help it. I love love taking photos and know they are the best souvenirs, but I want to have something physical to have from all these amazing places I visit.”

Fridge magnet souvenirs@BeccaAbernethy: “Sure it’s not at all original but fridge magnets are cheap AND are functional space-saver souvenirs!”

My favourite response and a souvenir that I wish I owned…

@DaileyTravel: “A Pope bobble head from the Vatican”

A Pope bobble head from the VaticanThank you to everyone who responded on Twitter and on the comments section in my original blog post. You can find me on Twitter at @themanvsworld.

Want to take part? Let us know what souvenirs you have in the comments section below.

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    • It sounds like I missed a beat with collecting magnets – I’d love to have a fridge covered with memories!

  1. Oh I love the POPE bobble head… now I want one…lol!!! People collect some cool things on the road. I’m so happy with my magnet collection.

  2. I am currently collecting one pair of chopsticks in every country in Asia that uses them! I think it’s a pretty cool souvenir!

    • Good idea. Postcards don’t take up much room and they’re light – plus there’s always so many to choose from

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