3 DIY Garage Shelves That Would Be Suitable For Your Home

3 DIY Garage Shelves That Would Be Suitable For Your Home

A garage is where most people store their cars, tools for the cars, and other equipment. But some garages are more than just that! Some have pumps or dryers in them too, as well as gardening supplies. It’s also great to be able to park your car inside out of the weather when you need it there but don’t want it taking up space on your driveway all day long – not everyone has room for one next door after all!

Garage shelves are a necessity for every homeowner, no matter how neat they may appear. The fact is that we all have various items in our garages and need to find ways of storing those things without cluttering the floor or taking up too much space on counters or tables. So if you’re looking for easy DIY projects that will add plenty more storage room, then this article has got your back!

Attached Garage Storage Shelves

The easiest option for DIY garage shelves is to buy them or build one yourself. The DIY shelving options take only an hour and cost less, while store-bought shelves may require more parts but will also last longer than the average one-year period of time that most people keep their cars in storage before selling them again. There are many styles available from which you can choose your perfect addition to your car’s space at home!

For your garage storage project, you will need to measure the wood. Start by measuring and estimating based on how long your garage is. Measurement plays a vital role in this project because it lets you know what size of shelves is perfect for storing items like bicycles or yard tools. There’s no wrong way to build this kind of shelves as they can be attached anywhere from doorways into garages, walls around corners at entry points, and more!

Safety is always essential for doing DIY projects, but this one might be a little more challenging than others. Investing in some protective gear will help make your project go smoothly, and you’ll have the satisfaction of putting together these awesome garage storage shelves all by yourself!

DIY Garage Shelves With Doors

There are so many creative ways to organize your garage! If you’re looking for a quick, easy solution that will solve all of the storage problems in one fell swoop, then DIY Garage Storage Shelves with Doors is what you should be investing into. These shelves come equipped with doors and drawers, which means no more hunting around for things when getting started on a project. It also provides an attractive facade because they’re tucked away behind closed curtains- giving the impression that our garages have been magically organized overnight.

It’s easy to keep your room organized and clean when you’ve got extra storage space. For a more spacious garage, DIY shelves with doors are ideal. These can hold larger objects such as camping gear or fishing equipment while keeping smaller items like gardening tools safe in an enclosed area away from the main floor of your home.

After planning the project, you’ll need to list all of the necessary materials for this garage shelf. To help you out, I have gathered a nice and long list of everything required: 4-in-1 screwdriver, Stud finder, hacksaw nail gun cordless drill with various bits set (for drilling), step ladder, and safety glasses, just in case your power tools require protective gear.

DIY Floating Garage Shelves

A floating shelf for the garage is an excellent idea if you want to have more space. You can DIY this project by using some scrap wood and l brackets like in the picture below, or just buy one already made!

Imagine all the space you can save with this DIY floating garage storage shelf. Not only will it maximize your floor space, but it also makes the most of that precious wall space! Now there’s no need to worry about making a mistake or buying something wrong because these shelves are designed for easy assembly and installation by anyone.

Although it’s tempting to skip this step, measuring and selecting the suitable material is essential. One wrong measurement could mean a damaged shelf or an unsafe work environment for you! Make sure that your garage is organized and safe by investing in quality shelves with proper measurements.


DIYs are lots of fun, but the best ones involve friends and family. You can create your favorite DIY garage shelves from start to finish with less hassle if you follow these handy instructions, and have all the necessary supplies ready at hand. Ensure that safety is a top priority when creating your own storage area for tools in your garage!

Don’t leave just yet, check out these steps for building DIY garage shelves.

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