All The Steps In Building A DIY Garage Shelves

All The Steps In Building A DIY Garage Shelves

Garage shelves have to be one of the most important things to have in your garage. That is because, with the help of garage shelves, they can put and arrange tons of things, like car tools, car jack, gardening material, and many more. The best part about this is that it does not take too much space. This means you will still have room to park your vehicles.

So, if you have a new house and are still in the decorating space, it is better to have your DIY shelves. Luckily, this article focuses on providing all the steps needed to create your frames in your garage. Go ahead and get all the tools you need. Just a heads up, this will be focused on making your own DIY floating garage shelves.

Everything You Need To Know To Make Your Diy Garage Shelves

Yes, indeed, making your garage shelves diy is not an easy task. However, once you know all the tricks, there is no doubt that it would be easy for you. Just follow all the steps and tips that will be provided to you. If you did, you would get the hang of it, and everything would be a piece of cake. You would not need to hire a professional.

Who would not want to make their garage look tidy and organized, right? Since you have decided to make your garage shelf, why not make a floating one. By doing this, you would not only make your garage look better, but it will also allow you to maximize the space. That is because you can put any other tools that you have under that floating shelf.

The First Step That You Need To Know

Now that you have learned everything that you need to know, it is time to proceed with the first step. This is to make sure that you have the correct and enough materials to make everything work. Luckily for you, everything that you need to know will be stated here. So, take note and make sure that you have each one of the materials that will be listed here.

The primary thing you should know is to decide which type of wood you will use. There are three types: plywood, hardwood, and softwood. Then you need to make sure to obtain these six materials. The first one is a screwdriver, pencil, chalk line, tape measure, hand saw, and of course, the Carpenter’s square. Once you have this, you can get your wood.

Second Step In Creating Your Diy Garage Shelves

The second step is the most crucial part. That is because here on this step, you will need to focus on determining the measurement of your shelf using your measuring tape. It would help if you began at the top by measuring the distance between the first shelf and the ceiling. It should be around 12 inches more or less. But of course, it depends on what you will put in.

It is advised to put a space between the shelves at around 12-15 inches. This ensures that each shelf would have enough room for you to put everything you have to put in. It is also essential to give an ample amount of distance between the last shelf with the floor. Because if you do not put enough space, it would not be called a floating shelf at all.

Third And Final Step

Now that you have all the measurements you need, you can now proceed to the last step. The final step is the construction step. This is when your energy would be depleted. So, make sure that you have had enough sleep because you will need that extra energy. The first thing to do is cut your wood according to the measurements that you made.

After that, you install the ledgers for the shelves. You should put a 2×4 against the marked spot on the wall and hold it on the wall with a screw at the two ends. Then you should install the screw on every stud by cutting a 2×4 into pieces, say five elements, screw every detail into the wall. Finally, you should screw in your hardwood. And that’s it!


Those are all the things that you should do so that you would be able to install your DIY garage shelves. It may sound easy, but it would take you a bit more time to assemble. So, have patience and follow the steps. Rest assured that you would have the best and most amazing shelves out thereafter following the steps.

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